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Happy Halloween

Hapy Halloween from my cute bunch. Have a fun and safe night out there!

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35 weeks, nursing bras and end of pregnancy

Wow, I can’t believe I only have 35 days left! (Or less…yeah right?!) I’m getting pretty anxious to meet this little feller. However I’m full of all different emotions as this pregnancy is nearing the end. I can’t wait to meet my new son, but I also cannot believe that this is the very last time I will ever be pregnant. Last time I will ever feel hiccups and kicks within, watch my belly shake like an earthquake or guess with Aaron about what he might be like or look like.  Even though it’s exciting I get to have this perfect little miracle in my arms very soon and as miserable as the last weeks of pregnancy are, it is a little bit sad. Pregnancy is such a wonderful time in life. I often think back on my very first pregnancy and miss those days. Full of excitement and wonder and firsts.  Ending pregnancy as a part of my life all together definitely has it’s emotional moments.  Which then leads me to the thought that this will be the last time I will be nursing a baby as well, and my mind immediately goes to

“Oh crap, I have so much to get and do still, like nursing tanks and bras!”

(ps. the nursing bras and tanks don’t even compare to the longer list I still need to complete)

I have been looking at Bravado Designs bras and nursing tanks. I hate spending a ton of money on something I will only be using for a little over a year, but having 3 kids helps you learn about what products you should have had and should have invested in and why not get all new now? I mean the ones I have are years old and I definitely need new ones and comfortable good quality ones at that.

And I leave with a bump photo,

35 weeks! Excuse the messy hair, I’m baking today for Finley’s Harvest Party tomorrow!

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Prince LionHeart Whirl Balance Scooter {review and giveaway}

Prince Lionheart is a family owned and operated business offering some of the best products for children and baby,  From toys to potty chairs, feeding and safety products. Prince Lionheart has it all. They definitely offer a great selection of adorable and quality made toys.

Prince Lionheart’s whirl balance SCOOTER will teach your child how to balance. Which is a much needed skill  to learn how to ride a pedal bike.  This balance scooter is nice to help build confidence and let your child learn at their own pace.  Now we don’t have any smooth surface outdoors yet for this scooter but we let the kids use it indoors on our hard floors and it worked beautifully.  So now that the weather is starting to cool down and the snow will begin to fall, this scooter still serves a purpose and is perfect for indoor use as well.

A few little details on the scooter:

• Solid rubber handgrips.
• Height adjustable, padded seat
15in – 18.5in.
• 12in rubber tires.
• 100% birch frame from an FSC certified forest.
• 2-5 years.

I love being able to give my kids good quality toys that they will can actually learn a skill from and help them develop other important skills like patience and confidence. 

Now for the giveaway! Yay! Yes you can totally win this, and I hope you do 🙂 It would make an awesome Holiday gift for that little one in your life, whether it be your child, a friend’s child or your niece or nephew. I don’t know any child that wouldn’t love this scooter. Trying the rafflecopter widget this time, so make sure to read all the directions carefully.

It has come to my attention that the actual widget will not show up in the blog post, so to enter you will have to use the link. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. We won’t do this again. But since there are already entries I need you to enter through the link onto the widget. Just this one time. Thanks.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Kidorable winner and thoughts from you???

Winner is #4

rebecca misel-newpher who said: We love the dragon umbrella! Rebecca Please email me at jhil2626 (at) yahoo dot com to claim your prize. You have 48grs to do so or a new winner will be chosen.
I’m thinking of starting to use raffle copter as a giveaway option, what are your thoughts on this? Would you rather leave comments or use the widget? Or is there another method you like better? Please leave comments letting me know which you prefer.
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Kidorable Review and Giveaway

Rain, rain go away come back another day? Not so much when you have Kidorable boots! What’s the fun in rain boots without the rain? I know my kids LOVE to splash in puddles and mud and it takes everything they have not to when they spot the perfect puddle to stomp into. That murky, brown, cool water just waiting there to be thrown all about in the air, onto your clothes and maybe even on your mom!


Kidorable offers a wonderful line of children’s products ranging from rain gear to bath time fun.  I love Kidorable, the products they offer are well made, colorful, and comfortable.

Each of the kids were sent a pair of boots of their choice. Ezra choose the Fireman and chose the Fairy boots for Finley  (In which when she found out he picked them for her, there may have been a HUGE hug and kiss and thank you to her little brother.)  And Miss Josie was a big girl and had to choose a pair for herself, it was a tough choice for her but she went with the Lucky Cat Boots. And I have never seen her so into something for so long in my life. Aaron and I were laughing so hard, I don’t think she took them off for 2 days and if she did she was carrying them along with her wherever she went. She even tried to wear them in the bath!


Kidorable is offering one of my readers a chance to win an Umbrella of their choice. Please visit Kidorable and come back here to leave a comment telling me what your choice of umbrella would be. For an extra entry (leave a separate comment) please like Kidorable on FB. Giveaway Ends Tuesday 10/22 winner will be announced that morning.

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