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26 weeks

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My big helper

Finley loves to walk around the house in my shoes! She also loves to help me unload the dishwasher. She comes running as soon as I open it. I have to get all the knifes out as soon as I can, and then she hops up and starts handing me all the dishes. Shes such a big helper!

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Pretty Girl

Finley has discovered her Tutu and is quite fond of it!

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Nursery progress

The nursery isn’t done yet, but it’s getting there. We still have a lot of little finishishing touches to do.

Some more wall art to hang

Wall Art I made, theres a second one to be hung up as well.

Looking into the room

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The Kissy Face

Finley walks around with her face puckered up like this making kissy noises and goes around kissing everyone! Shes a ham!
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24 1/2wk Belly

Its getting there. I had a Dr. Appointment yesterday. Everything looked good, Baby’s heardbeat is great and I’m up 18lbs already. I think Maybe I should be eating a little healthier, this little one seems to like the sweets!
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Done by me… I did this canvas with scrapbook paper and wooden cutouts for the walls in the nursery. Hope they look cute put up. Still not too sure.

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Ezra’s Nursery is almost done

We have finally finished the painting of the argyle wall. It is such a big relief to be done with that. Aaron set the ceib up tonight. We still have a lot to do as far as room decor goes, but it’s coming along great. I’m pretty happy with it so far!

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23 wks

Heres a couple belly pics. 23 wks. Not real big yet. But over half-way done, only 17wks to go till Ezra arrives.
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Summer Fun

Finley has been having a blast playing in this warm weather. We have just been loving it. We haven’t seen or played in the sun in a long time, so this has been quite the treat for us. And I must say Finley looks adorable in a bikini!

I love this photo of grandma and Fin, Too cute!

Thirsty Girl!

Kicking Back, enjoying her popsicle

Finley stole my lounge chair, so she could work on her tan!

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