35 weeks, nursing bras and end of pregnancy

Wow, I can’t believe I only have 35 days left! (Or less…yeah right?!) I’m getting pretty anxious to meet this little feller. However I’m full of all different emotions as this pregnancy is nearing the end. I can’t wait to meet my new son, but I also cannot believe that this is the very last time I will ever be pregnant. Last time I will ever feel hiccups and kicks within, watch my belly shake like an earthquake or guess with Aaron about what he might be like or look like.  Even though it’s exciting I get to have this perfect little miracle in my arms very soon and as miserable as the last weeks of pregnancy are, it is a little bit sad. Pregnancy is such a wonderful time in life. I often think back on my very first pregnancy and miss those days. Full of excitement and wonder and firsts.  Ending pregnancy as a part of my life all together definitely has it’s emotional moments.  Which then leads me to the thought that this will be the last time I will be nursing a baby as well, and my mind immediately goes to

“Oh crap, I have so much to get and do still, like nursing tanks and bras!”

(ps. the nursing bras and tanks don’t even compare to the longer list I still need to complete)

I have been looking at Bravado Designs bras and nursing tanks. I hate spending a ton of money on something I will only be using for a little over a year, but having 3 kids helps you learn about what products you should have had and should have invested in and why not get all new now? I mean the ones I have are years old and I definitely need new ones and comfortable good quality ones at that.

And I leave with a bump photo,

35 weeks! Excuse the messy hair, I’m baking today for Finley’s Harvest Party tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “35 weeks, nursing bras and end of pregnancy

  1. Your a great momma and you have 4 precious babies! God is good! Now the real work begins. Love you

  2. I this post, it made me tear up. I am experiencing my first pregnancy right now and it really is something special. I love feeling all of his movements and as you said experiencing all these firsts. I hope the rest of your pregnancy is smooth sailing. You have beautiful children.

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