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I have a Nikon D60 SLR camera, that I got about a year and 1/2 ago. I love this camera, but have never had the time to sit down and actually play with it or learn how to use it. I tried to read the manual once, but that didn’t work out too well. With a busy toddler and new baby, I think I got through 1 or 2 pages and just couldn’t focus. I don’t even recall what I read or even if it was relevent to what I was trying to learn.
We have been using the same photographer’s since our engagement photos, so for over 5 years now. They are Aaron and Meg Nelson with Evantide photography and we absolutly love them. But not only can I afford to have them with me every waking moment to capture all the adorable, crazy, funny moments in the kids life, I don’t think they would agree to that. So when I told them I had no idea to how to use my camera and that I shoot on Auto all the time, they said they have been planning to put together a workshop for mama’s with DSLR cameras. And as you can imagine I was totally stoked, and I attended their workshop this last weekend. It was great and I learned a lot (even though I was like 45 min late…OY!) and was so excited to get home and utilize what I learned before I forgot it all in the craziness of watching Princess and the Frog a milion times, while my almost 9 month old crawled on me begging to be nursed (and yeah, almost 9 months…where did the time go?)and cuddled. Here are some of the photos I took of Ezra up at the park on saturday afternoon while Aaron and Fin played “Baskkee” Ball.

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Joes Jeans Giveaway

An awesome blog that I follow called “The Ethertons” is doing a wonderful giveaway for a pair of Joes jeans! Go check it out, and be sure to follow this blog, it has lots of great giveaways and product reviews!

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Petunia Picklebottom

I nominated Aaron for a father’s day contest on PPB’s FB page. Totally not expecting to be picked to be in the running,(there were a lot of amazing stories and wonderful fathers)but Aaron was picked out of the many nominations. But now we need your help and your votes. This is what I wrote:
My husband Aaron is a wonderful father, husband and my bestfriend. He works so hard to make ends meet, making it possible for me to stay at home with our 2 small children. Meaning he often works from 2pm-6am. He then sleeps for just a few hours, and spends the rest of the morning playing with our kids. Then it’s off to… work again. On the weekends I try to let him sleep in, but instead he lets me sleep in and I often wake up to a clean house, floors mopped, bathrooms cleaned, clean kitchen and breakfast too! He even bought me my first PPB bag when I was pregnant with our 1st. But he could really use his own diaperbag, mine is too “pretty” for him! ūüôā He’s an awesome dad and a wonderful husband!

So if you have a moment, could you please go over to Petunia Picklebottom’s FB page, “Like” them, and then “Like” The post that Petunia posted on her wall with My name on it (Jennifer Pace Hillman) He was in second place and is starting to fall behind, so PLEASE PLEASE go vote for him. He deserves his own manly diaperbag!

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Pray For Ezra

Ezra was circumsized about a week after he was born. It went well, healed quickly, no problems. Until about a month later, I noticed his penis was starting to tuck in, making it look like he had no penis at all. I was worried, but I pushed it out and cleaned it up. It was very red and a little goopy so I put some antibiotic ointment on it and it seemed to be fine within a few hours. But it was still “hiding.” And has been ever since. I have asked numerous Doctors about it, and they have all told me the same thing. “He has an extra fatty fat pad, he will grow out of it soon.” Well he is almost 9 months old and still no visable penis, unless I push the skin back. It gets red and infected very easily and I’m very diligent about keeping it clean. So I called his Pedi and asked for a referral to a Uroligist. We are headed there this afternoon to see what we need to do, if anything at all. I have read articles on Ezra’s same exact situation and a lot of the babies have needed to be re-circumsized and needed surgery. So I praying this is fixable without surgery. I really do not want to have my sweet boy put under and have surgery. So please be praying for him this afternoon. Thanks.

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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s day to my wonderful husband and to My amazing father.

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Boogie Wipes

Finley and Ezra both woke up with runny, stuffy noses this morning, and coughing and sneezing like crazy. Ezra had snot crusted in his hair and it was sticking straight up and Finley’s¬†nose was bright red and oozing with green¬†boogies.¬†I¬†headed down¬†to Haggen (Our local grocery store) with these two sick little monsters in tow,¬†and¬†picked them up some¬† Benadryl, Tylenol and Boogie Wipes. Never heard of Boogie wipes? Well let me tell you about them, because¬†they are awesome! Boogie wipes are Gentle¬†saline wipes for stuffy¬†and runny noses. They are alcohol free and¬†also have Vitamin E in them¬†for extra moisture barrier to protect the skin. ¬†We have used the boogie Wipes before, but they have been a life saver this time around. They keep their noses from getting red and dried out and are available in a selection of¬† yummy scents¬†such as Great Grape, Original Fresh, Magic menthol¬†and¬†Simply unscented.¬† Finley usually hates when I wipe her nose, but she has actually been asking for them every time¬†her nose is running. Which is great because she was licking the snot that was dripping down her nose this morning (Gross, I know.) until I got the Boogie wipes. I¬†Love these things and I’m so happy I got them. Also they are only about $2.50 a pack so they aren’t too terrible on the wallet and that makes me feel better if Finley needs to wipe her nose 10 times in 5 minutes. You can check them out here.

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Strawberry Monger

Ezra will eat anything, He loves food. Last night we had chicken and dumplings for dinner and the boy acted like I starve him. When I give him foods to pick up and eat himself like bananas, avacado, sweet potatoes or cheerios, a lot of it ends up on the floor. Not Strawberries…nope not one little bit ends up on the floor. He LOVES them and will eat 5 whole strawberries in one sitting, I had to cut him off at 3 today. He’s my little strawberry monger!

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If your little one watches Yo Gabba Gabba then you know who Foofa is, and chances are your little one has a favorite Yo Gabba Gabba Character and is probably obssessed with the show like my Finley is.
Finley watches Yo Gabba Gabba all the time, which I really don’t mind, it has good lessons and is fun clean entertainment. Well since Fin watches it, so do I. And if you haven’t noticed most of the kids on the show have those cute character shirts, dresses and jumpers. I went to Nick Jr online to see if they had any of them for sale. Nope, so then my next stop was I knew there had to be someone who made cute Yo Gabba Gabba creations, and I was right. I came across BellaGraceCreations1, and oh my cuteness! She had these adorable shirt and skirt sets in all the favorite characters. I had a really hard time choosing which set to get, so then I let Finley look at them and she picked Foofa, which I knew she would. Foofa is her favorite and plus she is pink, another one of Fin’s favorites.
When we received the Foofa package in the mail yesterday, Finley could hardly contain herself, she ripped off the clothes she was wearing and quickly threw the outfit on, then continued to twirl around the house in the skirt saying over and over “I like, I like” The skirt is super cute, very flowy and soft, and the shirt is a Old Navy Tee, which we have a few of and love. The outfit is perfect and I will definitly be purchasing more items from BellaGraceCreations!

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I love Zutano clothing, We actually brought Finley home in their Itzy Bitzy line and ever since I have been in love. Zutano is well made, colorful, fun and comfy! Finley has quite a few dresses from them and Ezra has a couple shirts and pants. We were their May photo contest runner up winners and they sent the kids each an outfit. Ezra’s is their “Good Dog” Collection short sleeve t-shirt and shorts. And Finley’s outfit is the super multi stripe puff pocket dress and “Flower Time” leggins. Flower time is my favorite print right now, so bright and colorful.

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We are in the market for a new vehicle, I have been wanting an SUV since Ezra was born, we have just outgrown our car. We are currently driving a 2007 Chevy Impala. It’s a great car and has been good to us, we have only had it for a couple of years and when we bought it we weren’t really thinking ahead. We were living in Alaska at the time and I needed a car, all we had was the truck which Aaron would drive to work, leaving me and Finley stuck at home in a little apartment all day long. I really wish I wouldn’t have been in sucha hurry to get a vehice and would have thought it through. Because now that we have two kids a SUV is starting to become a must. With the double stroller, diaper bags, 2 convertable carseats, it’s getting a little crowded. Now we still owe on the car since we have had it for such a short time and our credit isn’t the best so we are having a hard time finding an SUV that meets both our needs and our wallet. I thought I wanted a small SUV- I don’t do well with large vehicles, they scare me and I don’t like going through parking lots in them. Yes, I’m a whimp, and I don’t want to hit anyone. But I got into a Hyundai Santa Fe, and well it’s a car just higher off the ground. We need something bigger, something with a possible 3rd row, and leather is must with 2 small children. Which means more money, and that I have to face my fear of driving a big rig in parking lots. We found one that we LOVE, it’s perfect for us, but not in our price range at this time. The Chrysler Aspen, it’s beautiful, it’s perfect. It’s not too big and it’s not too small. It’s lovely, it’s roomy, and I want it. But don’t see it in the near future anytime soon. Boo…so now we need to keep looking. So if you have any suggestions on a vehicle you love I would appreciate any input!

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