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38 weeks tomorrow

Almost done! I have been in a little pain for the past few days over here with lots of consistant and painful contractions. Yesterday I had a ton of pressure down low and just an irritating feeling in my ute, so I called my OB. He sent me to L&D for monitoring.
I called my friend to come watch the kids and calle Aaron just in case it was something, and definitley hoping it was. Threw our bags in the car and we took off.
Well after 2 hours of consistant contractions, a urine test and progress check, they sent me home. I was 1 1/2 cm dialted on arrival and after 2 hrs there was no change to my cervix so back home I went. I’m so dissapointed, still contracting and still so ready for this baby to come out!
If baby girl isn’t out on her own soon we will be meeting her Dec 30th. So lots of prayers are needed that she comes on her own…but not on Christmas, she is not allowed to come then! So tomorrow, tomorrow would be good. Haha!

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Hospital Bag Petunia Pickle Bottom Style!

I’m 37 weeks and 1 day pregnant and ready to have this baby girl! I have been so uncomfortable and anxious, so I’m hoping baby girl gets the memo and she starts to get ready soon. She is super low so that’s a start or just helpful for labor anyhow. I thought it was about time I start packing my hospital bag for this little girl and I.
Petunia Pickle Bottom made that easy for me, by providing me this beautiful bag! The Touring Tote in Champagne Roll. I absolutely love this bag and can’t wait to put it to use, starting with the hospital visit.

For Baby Girls Bag:

4 outfits (Ezra peed through 2, my mom took them home and washed them and he still ended up coming home in hospital provided clothing)
2 Swaddling Blankets
2 pairs of socks
One piece winter suit

For me:
Hot mama Hospital gown (more to come on this beautiful gown)
Breast Pads
Sweats and Tee
Nursing bra
Nursing tank
3 pairs of  panties
Chapstick (it gets hot in there and my lips always get chapped during labor)
Mini Aveda Shampoo and Conditioner
Body wash
Tooth brush/paste

The touring tote has plenty of space in this compact looking bag to fill with everything we need for our hopefully short visit. Not only is the bag just gorgeous but it has tons of little pockets to fit the smaller items making it easy and accessible.

A little info about this gorgeous bag:
Charcoal/Rose/Petal Pink scrolled art-deco design with Petal Pink water-resistant lining and Charcoal Grey straps.
Double-headed zipper for easy opening
3 carrying options: small hobo, long shoulder, stroller clips
1 front pocket with magnetic closure
1 large back zippered pocket with removable changing pad
2 side zippered pockets for cell phone or iPod
4 spacious interior pockets
2 interior bottle/sippy cup pockets
1 interior pacifier pocket
PPB monogrammed plastic wipes case
Dimensions: 10 x 14 x 6.5 in.
Dry clean only. Spot clean liner with damp cloth.

I’m very excited to meet my little girl and tote her around all while still being a stylish mama with my Petunia diaper bag. I have had a few different styles of Petunia bags, but this one is by far my favorite so far. I love the sleek compact design and the way it fits easily on my shoulder. I also love this design and color, my other bags both were blue and I’m happy to have something a little more girly and classic. Go check out Petunia’s website, there is sure to be something for anyone looking for that perfect bag to suit their style.

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36 weeks

I had an OB appointment this morning and was checked for progress. I’m 1 1/2 cm dialted and baby girl is super low. The midwife said she thinks that baby will be here before our induction date, which I’m actually hoping for. I would way rather her come on her own then have to be induced. Although my induction with Ez was super smooth and quick. But hey, if this little girl wants to meet us that badly, I’m not going to stop her, so as of next week I give her the go ahead to make her arrival.

  • How far along are you? 36wks and 1 day 
  • Total weight gain: 27 lbs
  • How big is baby?:  Around 6ish lbs
  • Maternity clothes: Only Jeans and some shirts, but since my belly has been pretty tiny this time around I still fit in most of my pre-pregnancy tops and tanks
  • Stretch marks?: nope
  • Sleep?: Ugh so so, between the aches and pains, getting up to pee every hour and the kids I have been one tired lady!
  • Best moment this week?:  Today, 1 1/2 cm dialted already makes me one happy mama!
  • Movement?:  Still lots of movement.
  • Food cravings?:  Peppermint anything
  • Food aversions?: Not really.
  • Labor signs?:  Lots of presure low down.
  • Belly button in or out?: out
  • What I miss:  Being able to bend over, everytime I go to pick something up off the ground I get horrible heartburn
  • What I’m looking forward to: Meeting and naming this baby!
  • Milestone:  36 wks!
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    Zutano Winner

    The winner of the Zutano GC goes to #17, Ashley.

    Ashley said…

    Tough choice! I really like the locomotive line. So I would probably get something for Mason in that style like the long sleeved locomotive top and the pants. Definitely the choo choo slip on shoe too!
    Congrats Ashley, E-mail me with your info (Jhil2626 at yahoo dot com) and I will get you in touch with Zutano to claim your prize! Thanks to everyone for playing. More fun giveaways coming soon!
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    35 Weeks

    35 weeks today! Wow, can’t believe how fast this all has been flying by. Soon our little peanut will be here. We are so excited and just about ready for her! Little pregnancy survey below for you since I have been a major slacker with keeping weekly pregnancy updates!

  • How far along are you?  35 wks
  • Total weight gain:  25 lbs so far, I gained 34 with both Fin and Ez so I’m expecting to be within that range again.
  • How big is baby?:  At our 33wk U/S she was weighing around 4lbs
  • Maternity clothes:  Only Jeans and some shirts, but since my belly has been pretty tiny this time around I still fit in most of my pre-pregnancy tops and tanks
  • Stretch marks?:  nope
  • Sleep?:  Ugh so so, between the aches and pains, getting up to pee every hour and the kids I have been one tired lady!
  • Best moment this week?:  Haven’t had much heartburn!
  • Movement?:  TONS! She takes my breath away a lot!
  • Food cravings?:  Soda- so weird. Chocolate and I could go for some greek or chinese food
  • Food aversions?:  Not really.
  • Labor signs?:  Lots of braxton hicks the past few days, I never got them with Fin or Ez
  • Belly button in or out?:  out
  • What I miss:  Having energy, I’m beat!
  • What I’m looking forward to:  Meeting and naming this baby!
  • Milestone:  35wks with 35 days left! until due date! But actually 29 days until she will be here, since we are being induced.
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