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Finley and Daddy Outside

Finley went outside with daddy to chop wood. She loves being outside, but doesn’t get to go out much because of this cold weather.
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Cinderelli Cinderelli

One of Finley’s favorite “toys” is the broom. Anytime it is in sight it’s the first thing she goes to. I have even seen her attempting to bring it upstaires with her a couple of time, dust pan and all.
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We found out this morning that we are expecting baby # 2! We are so thrilled, a little shocked but very excited!

Positive test, estimated due date: Sept 21st

Finley kept carrying around the test. (dont worry its clean)

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Lets go outside

About a week and half ago it was -27 degrees out. It was just too cold to go outside or go anywhere really. This week we have had really weird warm weather. It has been raining and all the snow is melting.
Finley has been itching to go outside. She keeps pointing out the windows and babbling. So I took her out today to do a little exploring. She was so excited. She slipped a few times on the ice though and then it started to rain so we went back inside. She wasn’t too keen on the idea of having to go back inside. I caught her at the door trying to open it a few times. Maybe tomorrow will be a nicer day little one!

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She just keeps growing

Finley had her 12 month well baby check last week. Weighing in at 21lbs (55% for her weight) and 31 inchs tall (95% for her height). Tall and Skinny like her mama. The doctor said she is growing great and at this age for her to have not gained much since her 9mo appt. is normal. She is much more active now with walking and she is actually picked up her speed and is trying to run from time to time. Pretty cute! The doctor also said that we have a very smart and advanced baby. Well duh?!? :o)

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Last year at this time

About 2 Days old here

Above is the day we brought her home
She smiled while sleeping since the day she was born
I keep thinking about last year at this time. (It really comforts me when I’m missing my family because it’s the last time I can remember feeling VERY happy) Finley was about a week old. So snuggling, feeding, changing diapers and napping was our schedule. Still doing those things, just not really in any sort of schedule and adding in chasing and saying “NO” a lot! Also meal times are A LOT messier and car rides just aren’t any fun. Too Boring for her I guess. Above are a few of my favorite photos of Fin when she was just days old.

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Happy New Year

Aaron and I actually got to go out on a date last night! My great friend Lora and her husband Jay watxhed Fin for a couple hours! They have a 16mo old Ella and they play wonderfully together!

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