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The Zoo

We went to the Zoo last weekend. As we were driving there, I was so worried about the weather. The forecast had been wishy washy all week and we kept hitting sun, then clouds and rain. Over and over again. I was so scared that when we got there it would be rain we would find. But it was beautiful, sunny. Not too warm not too cold, perfect! And Finley LOVED it. It was such a fun little outting. The animals were beautiful and to see Finley laugh and giggle at the Gorilla’s and scream “I see a real Giraffe” over and over again was priceless.

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I’m feeling a little stressed out these days…okay A LOT stressed out. I love being a SAHM, it’s great. But with Aaron working doubles and that being in the evening, when I’m already tired and stressed from the day I’m feeling run down and lonely. In the mornings I have to try to entertain the kids while keeping them quiet so Aaron can sleep and then when he wakes up he wants us to be at home and spend time with him. Which is great and all, but a SAHM doesn’t litterally mean staying in your home 24/7. I need some me time, some sleep and some girlfriends to chat with. Or I just might go crazy.

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Posh Tots

I’m a FB fan of Posh Tots, I love their stuff, it’s beautiful. Pretty spendy but beautiful. Well they were having a fb contest where you enter your childs photo, describe his personality and what bedding fits his style. And they design a whole room around the child. So I entered him, well he didnt win, but they decided today that they wanted to let their fans pick a second winner, and they chose 12 photos out of the hundreds they got. And Ezra was chosen to be in the running, so to vote you just hit “like” under his photo! Please help him win, this would be sooo cool! Thanks so much Here is the link.!/…ts/33864548524

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New Look!

I’m pleased to present the new look of H is for Hillman to you. I’m also pleased to annouce that I have decided to use this blog of a form of venting, discussing mommyhood, wifehood, and sharing recipes.
I won this Blog design from Happy Housewife Blog Designs, and I love it and am so thankful to Lindsey for working with me (I can never make up my mind, I probably drove her crazy) and creating such a beautiful design!

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2 year olds

Finley in all her terrible two glory

Wow, somedays are great and others are, well… less than great! Finley is a terrible two all the way. Don’t get me wrong, she is a GREAT kid, loving, funny, beautiful inside and out, but that kid can be a pill. She has been pretty good all day today, saying cute and funny things per usual. But this evening she looked at me and said “I no love mommy, go cry mommy please.” Where in the world did she come up with that? and how sad? Why does she want me to go cry, and how does she know that if she tells me she doesn’t love me that it will make me cry? I put her in time out and told her not to say mean things like that to mommy or to anyone because it makes me sad and hurts my feelings. She then hugged me and kissed me and said “I sawree mama.” Thats the sweet girl I know. I guess I should get prepared now, because when she is 16 I’m more than positive she will be screaming more hurtful things than this…cause I’m beginning to learn that girls just don’t grow out of the terrible twos, they stay that way.

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Let’s talk about Sleeping through the night

or there lack of. Finley was a horrible sleeper as an infant. Horrible I tell you. I thought at around 4 months she was almost there, waking up only 2x a night. Then we moved to Alaska, and she was up ALL THE TIME. About 4 times a night. Around a year old we started letting her CIO and that worked okay, it took a bit to get used to. But worked.
Well Ezra is just as horrible at sleeping if not worse. At least with Finley I was able to rock her to sleep, she took a pacifier and that soothed her. Ezra will not take a pacifier, will not be rocked to sleep, will not take a bottle. So it’s all up to me, to be up with him all night long, all he wants is the boob. Thats it! Not even to eat really, just to soothe. This is the point where I wish he took a paci. I was happy he wouldn’t take one at first because it’s hell to get rid of…hell! But this is hell too. I’m up at least 4-6x a night. NO JOKE! We recently started trying to cio with him. I hate it, it breaks my heart. I get horrible anxiety and I just want to go outside or put a pillow over my head until he stops crying, thats how bad it is. He doesn’t cry for long, but it’s just sad. He was actually starting to do better and better with it, but now it’s getting worse again. He will cry in the middle of the night these loud shreaking crys and he will not stop, will not cry himself back to sleep. And it’s getting more and more frequent, like every hour and half I’m up with him. I’m at my wits end and I’m exhausted. I honestly just don’t get it, why will he not sleep? WHY? What am I doing wrong that makes him feel he needs to be up so often, why do sleep routines an sleep training work for other babies and not mine?
Now hubs isn’t much help, but thats because the man works his ass off at work. He has been working from 2:30 in the afternoon till 6:30 in the morning. So we are both exhausted and at a loss of what to do!
So if any of you have any tips, or have went through this some input would be greatly appreciated.

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Mother’s day!

It was my first mother’s day as a mom to 2! It was such a great day. The hubs made brunch for myself, my mother, my sister and his sister! We sipped on Mimosas and ate our wonderful brunch outside on the grass, while the kids played. It was such a beautiful day, Aaron also cleaned the house for me, him and Fin even mopped the floors. Aaron wanted to get me a mama’s necklace for Mother’s day but he couldn’t find one in any stores like the one I wanted. So I ordered the one I love this morning from The vintage pearl. ( )I can’t wait to get it! Here’s a photo of Ez I took yesterday while basking in the sun, isn’t he just adorable? Look at those teethers!!!!

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New Cut and Color

So I was totally sick of my long blonde brassy whatever color you want to call it hair! I needed something fresh and new. So here it is, shorter and darker. I love it, the hubs doesn’t like it so much. Mostly because of the shortness, he likes long hair better. But he isn’t the one who totes around two busy babes, gets his hair pulled, picks up the house a million times and runs errands everyday. So there hubs, I get to keep my short hair for a bit, sorry.

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Finley was Chosen

I submitted Fin’s photo in the parents mag cover contest. I got an E-mail today saying her photo was chosen to be in the running. So PLEASE go vote for her! Heres the link:
Tell your friends and family too!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you

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