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The Fair

We took Finley to the Fair on saturday. She had a lot of fun looking at all the animals. The rides weren’t too big of a hit though, I think she is still a little young for them. There was so much going on and Finley was just so busy so we didn’t get many pictures but here are a few.

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Baby Shower For Ezra!


Egg soap Favor

Mommy and Fin

Finley trying to get into the infant seat

Opening Gifts

Petunia Pickle Bottom bag, my Jaime got for me!

Me and Mom

Me, Jaime, Kel and Emma! SISTERS!

The 3 pregos!

Cassie, Me, Amber, Melissa, and Kelli

PPB Bag, love it! And Awesome carseat cover Melissa got us!

All the Gifts.

My shower was today and it was a blast. Everything turned out great. Thanks to everyone who made it, and thank you for all the wonderful gifts. We got a lot of great things that we needed for Ezra and are so very blessed with great friends and family. A special thanks to Mom and Jaime for hosting the shower, the food was great and the shower was so much fun! Thank you so much.

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Aaron’s Birthday!

Ready to cut his cake!

Opening presents

Finley helping me make rolls. (well really eating the butter off the mixer)

Fin and Daddy

Turtle Cheesecake I made!
Aaron Turned 32 yesterday! I made a big roast with potatos, carrots, and rolls. And an Amazing turtle cheesecake. All requested by the birthday boy. The fam came over and we celebrated. Aaron was just happy to relax and enjoy us for the day since he has been working so much. We love you babe, and hope you had a great day!

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Auntie Jaime and Finley

Finley LOVES her Auntie Jaime! She has a lot of fun playing with her. She has started to say Jaime, but it comes out more like “maymee” It’s good enough for now though. Thanks Auntie Jaime for taking such good care of me and playing with me.

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The River

We went out to the Nooksack River last week to play with some Friends. My friend Jessica and her family live right by a great spot to take the kids down to swim and play in the water. Finley and Gavin had so much fun pouring water on eachother!

It was so hot out this day, Finley had so much fun pouring water over her head!

Cutie Pie Gavin

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