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The Pumpkin patch and pumpkin carving

Finley had fun at the pumkin patch and had no problem getting her hands dirty and digging the seeds out of her pumpkin.

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Silly Girl

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Beautiful Boy

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Homecoming 2009

Tyler and her Boyfriend Michael

Sqaulicum Homecoming 2009

Sally and Tyler

Beautiful girls and their dates!

Tyler having a little trouble putting the flower on!

Uncle Aaron with his Niece

Tom and Aaron trying to scare the boyfriend!
It was our Nieces homecoming last weekend. Tyler looked so beautiful and so grown up! Finley had fun playing with the girls as they got ready, she wouldn’t leave their sides.
Of course Aaron had to try to scare Tyler’s boyfriend a little and let him know that was his little niece! It was fun to see the girls getting ready and to see them off. Thanks for sharing your night with us girls.

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Ezra is a pretty good baby. He always wants to eat, which can be a little exhausting and keeps me up all night. But he is a growing little man and needs his milk! Finley is in her terrible twos and there is no mistaking that, it’s been a little rough. I’m totally exhausted trying to keep her and Ezra both happy. Here’s a few new photos. Enjoy!

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Finley will be a witch….

For Halloween, heres a sneak peak of her costume! She is just the custest little witch I have ever seen!

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My cuties!

My beautiful sweet baby boy!

The big sister hamming it up for the camera!

So adorable!

Checking her baby brother out

Everything is going really well. Ezra is a great eater, who likes to eat constantly! He is a very sweet cuddly baby. Finley is doing pretty good, she gets a little upset when I can’t get her what she wants at that very moment but for the most part is just loving her baby brother, giving him lots of hugs and kisses! I’m doing good, recovery has been smooth, just a little tired and sore. Overall we are doing great and loving our new addition.

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More Photos!

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Ezra is here!

Ezra Bennett Hillman arrived yesterday 10/02/2009 at 8:26pm. Weighing in at 7lbs 80z and 19 3/4 in long! He is perfect in everyway. Finley is so in love with her baby brother, she loves to hold him, and give him kisses.

We arrived at the hospital yesterday morning to be induced at around 7am. By 9am they started me on Pitocin and let the contractions do their job. Once I hit 3cm at about 11:45am my dr. came in and broke my water and then turned up my pitocin. The nurses continued to give me a Iv pain med every two hours. They kept increasing my pitocin and I labored this way until about 6:30pm. Finley wanted to come visit and I decided I was in too much pain and only being dialted at 5cm I needed the epidural. Which was fantastic and definitly helped with the pain. I was still able to feel pressure but it was tolerable, and this made it easy for me to visit with my parents, sister and Finley for awhile. Until I started to feel a lot of pressure and decided to call my nurse in to check me and I was fully dialted, not even an hour after the epi! My nurse had me do one practice push, which brought babys head right on down. She told me even though I felt like I needed to push I had to wait for my dr. Once my dr. got in there not even 5 pushes later did little Ezra enter the world! Perfect and healthy! We are both doing great and are home resting!

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Heading In tomorrow

So I had my last Dr. appt yesterday. My Dr. couldn’t get us into the hospital yesterday because they were too busy, so he scheduled us to come in for an induction tomorrow morning at 6am. But we really aren’t sure of the time, because the hospital has to call us! They will call at 6am and either say “come on in” or “come in at so and so time” so it’s still a waiting game! But we should have a precious baby boy before the weekend is over, yay!!!! I’m so relieved to know my little man will be in our arms soon enough and Finley will get to meet her new baby brother.

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