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Tea Collection {Giveaway}

I’m sure by now, many of you know I adore Tea Collection clothing. They really do have amazing styles for children and women. I love how different they are, from their patterns to the cut and styles. I fell in love with their new Mercado Mexicano line, where your little Citizen can travel to Mexico in their modern Mexico inspired clothing.

The kid’s were sent each a couple of items from the new fall line. Now Ezra doesn’t usually get clothes in the mail so when I told him some of them were for him he was beyond excited, ripping his clothes off. Every time he sees these particular items in his closet he points to them requesting to wear there. Now I don’t think you could get any better of a review than that! My almost 2 yr old boy requesting the stylish, yet comfortable clothes as well? Bonus! Ezra is now sporting his new Cinco Senses Hoodie and Fuerte Polo everywhere he goes.

Finley is obsessed with dresses. That is all she wants to wear all the time and she also loves to pair them with leggings and long sleeves when it is chilly out. Which is perfect for Tea dresses. They are so adaptable and I love that about them. Your still get the cutesy styles with your comfort and warmth. Finley was sent the Layered Talavera dress and the Adrona Yoke dress, which I must say I love the style of. It is so different, not something I would normally pick out, but Fin looks adorable in it and it fits her very well.

I love Tea Collection and I know you all do too. So here’s the deal, Tea collection is giving away a $50.00 GC to one lucky reader!

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Giveaway Ends August 31st, winner will be announced September 1st.

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It seems a lot of the mamas on other blogs that I follow have been feeling the same as I have lately. It seems there may be something in the air, putting us all in a little blogging funk. Whether it be morning sickness, lack of energy or lack of creative juices, I have noticed the bloggerverse of mamas have been struggling with wanting to keep their blogs up and running. This is something I too, have been struggling with and I keep wondering if blogging is worth it.

I have been in more than just a funk and have been dealing with some depression. Since finding out I was pregnant I started to wean off my meds. I was put on Anti depressants shortly after the arrival of Ez for PPD. I wanted to be safe and go off of them while pregnant so I slowly weaned off and I’m now feeling the effects of doing so. I’m extremely moody, more so than just your typical pregnancy hormones. Very impatient, sad, lonely and all around have absolutely no energy. I’m not sure of a lot of things and feel completely confused. If it weren’t for Finley and Ezra I probably wouldn’t get out of bed and most days I spend my time alone crying. So with all this on my plate, keeping up with the blog and trying to make it something my reader’s enjoy is the last thing on my mind. I wonder if deleting my blog and focusing on my family and myself is the right answer, or putting it all out there on the interwebs, sharing my feelings with my readers and other mothers going through the same type of things or feelings is the right answer. I don’t really have an answer for much lately, especially deciding whether or not to keep up with the blog. A break could be used maybe, but then again I feel like I have been less active then normal anyhow, in more than one department.

I do know a visit with my Dr. is a must and I’m going in next week to dicuss my feelings and get a game plan to get a handle on this.

Being a mom is tough, being a young mom away from family and friends in an unknown city and feeling more than alone is even tougher. There have got to be ways to get through this and try to muster up the energy, if not for me then for my kids. I’m probably most likely not going to delete the blog right now, and will try to keep up as much as I can. But if there are a lack of posts for the time being, this is why.

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Curly Girly!

This hair, it slays me. I can’t get enough of it. It is drool worthy. Never been cut, never really been touched except to be washed. I never want it to ever leave. please Finley’s hair stay beautiful and curly forever!

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Tom and Drew

I always have a hard time finding cute boy’s clothing. Everything seems so boring and always seems to come in the same colors, no matter the brand. Girl clothes are so much easier top find and buy, resulting in Finley having a wardrobe bigger than all of us combined. Leaving poor Ezra out. Example, Finley gets a package in the mail on Friday, it’s full of beautiful new dresses Grandma send. And WHO is ripping their clothes off trying to get these dresses on as fast as HE can? Yep, you guessed it, Ezra! Poor poor little boy, wants new clothes too.

I came across Tom and Drew and immediately fell in love with their selection of boy clothing. They offer a super cute selection of boy clothing that let’s boys be boys. They even include extra pockets for rock collections and snaps for easy to wear woven shirts.

Ezra was sent a selection of adorable tees and we adore them. They have bull dogs, fish and sharks on them. Bright colors and easy to wear. I love how soft they are, how well they hold up and how darling Ezzie looks in them. Yes they look like basic tee shirts, but they really are awesome quality and hold up to stains and outdoor wild play very well. This is an excellent line of clothing for boys, offering everything from tee shirts and jeans to suits and fancy jackets. I really appreciate a line out there that can offer such a great and adorable selection for boys. Thanks Tom and Drew!

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Nursery decor and crafting ideas.

My mom is the best, she really is so talented and has already completed a few items for Opals nursery. I’m in love with the fabrics we chose and the beautiful job my mom completed. I found this awesome idea for a mobile on another blog, and thought it would fit perfectly into our decor for above Opals crib. Hanging fabric doilies.

I can’t wait to start doing a few more craft projects, if my mom doesn’t beat me to it. Opal’s nursery is going to be Grandma’s grand creation! I can’t wait to see all the peices come together. I also heard that a yellow changing table is coming our way next week, also thanks to my wonderful mother. It has been pretty easy finding vintage type projects for decor, as vintage is in right now. It’s all about turning something old into something new. I love the look and feel of it and am so happy we decided to go with this sort of theme for Opal’s space.

This is what we have so far and I’m thrilled to see it all in person. My sister comes next week for a visit and is bringing it all with her. Now we need to order the crib and paint our glider and we will be set!

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