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The laptop is *almost* done, I think… I hope. So I promise to have a couple new giveaways, reviews and maybe even some fun crafts and photos soon! Sorry about this little break, I hope to come back soon with lots of great stuff for you guys, I really am not trying to be a slacker. But it is turning out that way. I will be back soon!!!!

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Our home laptop has crashed and is in the shop, so for the meantime I have been coming up to Aaron’s office when I have a spare moment to check emails and such. Sorry the blogging has been pretty minimul and probably will be for the next week or so. Nothing real big or life changing has been going on but if it does I will be sure to let you all know. The weather has been cooling down here a bit and it feels so nice. As most of you know I love fall and can’t wait to get some fall crafts and recipes up on the blog once we have a computer at home again. So stay tuned for that.
Finley starts preschool next week and I start MOPS, which I’m very excited for both. I hope to meet some other great moms and make new friends as does Finley, she can’t wait to meet new friends and learn new things. As for Ezzie, he is always just along for the ride and so is new baby girl of course. Who by the way no longer has a name, so she will be baby girl until she is born. We have a short list of names we like, nothing we love. But we will be taking that to the hospital with us and name her when we see her.
Other than that, all is well and everyone is doing great! Hope all my readers are having a fab holiday weekend!

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Our winner is #12, Homebody. Please email me with your info and I will get you in touch with Tea to claim your prize! Thanks everyone for entering.

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