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Etsy Finds

We all know how much I love Etsy. I have a few..err a lot of items on my favorites list. So I thought I would share some that I’m totally into right now and may find their way into my home sometime soon.

Shop: Uncommon
Items: Doily clock. Which I’m totally in love with
Wall Art. Uncommon offers all sorts of wonderful wall art, accessories for the home and clocks that are all well, uncommon! They are also turning 2 this weekend and offering 15% off Everything 2/26 & 2/27.

Shop: Red Leaf
Item: Bubble Bath Dough.
How cool is this? These would make great gifts or a great item to have at home for those nights you need a big glass of wine and a hot bubble bath.

Shop: Slippin SouthernSouthern Expressions on wooden signs. These beauties are so much fun and make such a great statement.

Theres just a few for now, I’m kind of into home decor right now if you couldn’t tell and probably need a nice hot bubble bath too!

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Photo Friday {new}

Since Fridays are usually our days to go play or just relax, I’m going to be bringing you a quick post of photos each Friday. If anyone else is interested in participating, let me know with a comment and I can set up a linky for next week. The photos can be anything you want, new, old, favorites, something that sums up your week or something that you are feeling.
Since we have had some crazy snowy and cold weather this week I bring you Snow babies!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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Cake Ball Cuties

On Monday I decided to do a little baking project with the kids. Cake Balls! These delectable little goodies are all the rage in desserts right now. Bakerella is the genius behind those adorable cake pops, and although I’m no Bakerella and cannot create those beautiful cake pops in the most lovable characters of my kids favorite cartoons, I decided to give them a shot. I thought the kids would love helping and eating of course.

What you will need:
One cake mix of your choice- bake cake as directed and let cool(very important that the cakes cools before adding frosting)
1 can of frosting of you choice
Dipping Chocolate- Almond bar works really well and is easy to use

After cake is cooled, crumble in a bowl, add frosting until Incorporated completely. Roll mixture into balls and set on a parchment or wax paper lined cookie sheet. Stick in the freezer for about an hour.
Melt Chocolate (Directions on the back for melting) Dip your balls in, let them get coated all the way then set back on cookie sheet. They set up very quickly so if you want to decorate them with sprinkles make sure you throw them on as soon as you set them on the cookie sheet. And done, enjoy!

Ezra, our helper…err taste tester!

Finley was my sprinkle girl

These were super tasty, easy peasy and so fun to make with the babes!

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Reminder- Pilpil Kids GIVEAWAY

Don’t forget to enter the Pilpil Kids Giveaway Entries are pretty low so far, so make sure to enter for the $25.00 gift card! We love our Pilpil kids clothing and I know you will too.

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Cribsie Awards

There are tons of giveaways going on right now due to the Cribsie awards, most of the companies that have been nominated have the details posted on their Facebook pages and the info is also on the Crisbie Facebook page as well.

One really great one, is the wall art giveaway to Pop & Lolli, really great giveaway, beautiful wall art, Check them out!

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Can Today be over yet?

I woke up this morning in kind of a yucky mood. Tired, not ready for the day and woken up by whiney kids. That right there told me what kind of day it would be, because if they are whiney first thing in the morning, chances are they will be whiney
To start off my morning while drinking my coffee, Ezra pulls my camera down off the counter and breaks the lens. Hello $200 dollars I do not have. Thats about what it will take to replace it, Lovely.
The plan for today was just to stay home, and that we must do because there is tons of snow and I have no where we MUST go when the weather is like this. Well right there was a big mistake, because I’m already in a horrible mood so staying cooped up in a house with two whiney toddlers equals no beauno.
I just feel defeated today, I can’t get anything done without these two destroying it from laundry to preparing dinner. Trying to take a nap just led to me laying in bed with the thoughts of bills, money, phone calls needing to be made, and cleaning and laundry that needs to be done. Boom Boom Boom…my hearts beats faster the anxiety levels rise in my chest and I just want to scream. The tears well up and I push them back down, take a deep breath and try to go on with the day. Today sucks, I want today to be over. I wish I could just go in my room and not come back out until a newer, better, less stressful day.

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Like my new look?

Yes? So do I. Actually I pink puffy heart the new look of the blog. All thanks to, Leah of Cutesie Blog designs.
When I approached Leah about a new design she had me fill out a request form, asking questions about the style I was going for, fonts I liked and gave me a list of her designers she works with. I went through every single designer and blog packet. I had a few in mind that I really liked and told Leah about them. Leah was able to take everything I wanted and pull it all together into one fabulous design! I’m pretty picky, and know what I want. I know I can be hard to work with because of this. But Leah had no problem getting it all together. She was very patient with me, showing me lots of different designs, backgrounds and accents until we found the perfect combo.
I couldn’t be happier. Leah really took her time to get me what I wanted and put together a design that is totally me! I had a ton of questions about how to get some new things working that I haven’t used yet on my blog and new facebook page and Leah was more than helpful guiding me through everything.
My experience was with Cutesie Blog Designs was so smooth and easy and I’m proud to have one of Leah’s beautiful designs!

Do you want a new look for your blog but don’t know exactly what you want? I bet Leah could help you, and guess what? She is offering my readers 10% off Just use the Code: HILLMAN
Go head on over to Leah’s blog to check out her designs, she is awesome and you will love working with her!

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Tea Collection Winner

Chosen by our Tea collection Modernista Tee winner is #29 Vicki S said…
I’d choose the Jardin Stripe color in medium 🙂

Congrats Vicki, please e-mail me within 48hr to claim your prize!

Thanks to everyone who entered, don’t forget to enter the Pilpil Kids giveaway running from now to March 7th!

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Currently H is For Hillman is ranked at #71, and was ranked at #69 yesterday, so everyone who have been voting please continue to do so. #71 is pretty darn good considering all of the blogs listed! I want to thank my readers for getting me that far. Also I’m at #9 in the Stay at Home moms category, so please keep up the good work. You can vote everyday. For those of you who don’t vote or don’t know how, it’s super easy, see that button up there in the right hand corner, just click it. You don’t need to do anything else, that’s it! One click and your done.

Today we will be making cakeballs so I will post our recipe and photos of the kids helping later. Finley is my little baker so she is going to love this!

Now some Baby love for your enjoyment.

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New Changes

Hi everyone, I have some new changes coming soon, H is for Hillman will have a brand new look shortly! Very excited for that, and I have also set up a Facebook page. I wanted a place to undate and annouce my giveaways and new posts without using my personal FB page, plus I think those who were not interested probably got annoyed… oops! *Snort*

So here we go Folks H is for Hillman on Fb! Go like us and go share us! Thanks so much!

Also I want to hear from my readers more, any comments on what you would like to see please share. What do you want from me? More blogging, more reviews, more giveaways? Let me know so I can bring you the best blog I can!

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