Lullaby Paints {Review}

Lullaby Paints

Thatch Wall Paint

When we first learned we were expecting baby #4 we weren’t really sure what we were going to do about a nursery. If you would design one, just have baby in our room at first, move Josie in with Finley? We had a ton  of options to think about, and finally we decided to do a nursery, but also keep a small space in the same room for Josie. I certainly did not want to kick her out of her room and move her in with Finley where there wasn’t really any space for her right now and try to transition her to a big girl bed at the same time. I figured that would be way too much change on her and could definitely be way too difficult for all of us.

We decided to paint Josie’s room once we realized the bedding we chose for the new bub did not match the wall colors. So I turned to Lullaby Paints to find the perfect color. Lullaby paints are made from the finest ingredients available, and are 100% safe to use in a nursery. In fact they are so safe they include food grade safe ingredients. The vibrant and beautiful pigments are imported from Europe. And they also meet the highest environmental and safety standards.

Lullaby Paints sent us this beautiful paint to adorn the walls of the nursery. We chose the color Thatch and love it! It couldn’t have been  a more perfect match to the vintage airplane fabric we chose.

Thatch Wall Paint

 Before Photos:


We removed and put up all new trim and closet doors.


I love the way the Nursery turned out, there are a few more photos I will share later once he is born, as his name will be revealed after he is born and we have a few wall décor items with his name. I also have a few little things I will be adding as well as new curtains. So stay tuned for more nursery photos!

Lullaby Paints was super easy to use and apply. The paints come in eco friendly packaging and they also offer all in one kits to make things easier on you!   Their customer service was also amazing and so helpful. I would definitely purchase from them to update other rooms in our house.

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