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Happy Birthday Finley!

Finley turned 2 on sunday. I can’t believe my baby girl is 2 years old already. That flew right on by. She is such a wonderful blessing in our lives and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful loving little girl, her brother and her are our world and we love them both so very much! Finley wasn’t too sure about the whole birthday thing, she kept telling us “No” when we said we were throwing her a party, but then when we said it was a Miss Spider party she got excited about the party hats. She had fun at her party, made all her rounds to all her guests and soaked up all the attention!

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Merry Christmas

We hope everyone had a wonderful christmas! We sure did, Finley had a blast and santa spoiled her rotten. She got a Powerwheels jeep, and she loves it. Although she won’t steer it and she just pushes the gas pedal expecting it to take her wherever she points, she still loves it. We are working on the steering, shes got 14 years before she really needs to know how to steer a car anyway!She also got am American girl itsy bitsy baby, which she adores and has to sleep with. Ezra got some great gifts too, lots of super cute clothes and a few really fun toys. Mommy and daddy got some great things as well. Mommy got a new netbook and a dutch oven- the two things she wanted the most and daddy got a new griddle, coat and some clothes. Our family is truely blessed, we have amazing family and we love them so much. God has blessed our lifes in so many ways.

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Big Smiles

Ezra looks like his mama! He is getting so big, and starting to smile and coo a lot, it’s so much fun to watch him grow.

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My beautiful babes!

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