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1st Belly Photo

12 wks. Nothing real special, more just a little bloat! If any of you remember it took forever until I started showing with Fin! This one should be a little sooner. We will see.
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We had our 1st dr. appt with our “real” Dr. yesterday. It went pretty well besides the fact that we waited almost 2 hours to see the dr. I was a bit peeved and let them know it!

Anyhow, we had an Ultrasound, baby measured a little further ahead than we thought. So now our due date is Oct 3rd. The baby has a nice healthy heartbeat and was dancing away in there. Sorry the photos arent the best. I will add some later that I took with my camera.
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A little Late posting…

But Aaron and I celebrated our 3rd wedding Anniversary on March 11th. We moved into our new place that day, so we didn’t really “celebrate.” We were so happy to get moved into our new place though. It’s very nice and cozy.
Here are a few photos from that day 3 years ago and a honeymoon photo too!

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We are Home

We made it safely back to Bellingham. Yay! I couldn’t be happier. Being with our family is so much fun and so much more relaxing.

Finley has been having a blast hanging out with grandma, Auntie Jaime and her cousins.
Yesterday was beautiful here, so Grandma and I took Finley outside to play. She had a blast playing in the sun…yes SUN! It’s a huge change from the cold icky snow in Alaska. Finley really enjoys being able to play outside.
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