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Adventures with Grandma

Finley and Grandma go on all sorts of fun adventures outside at Grandma’s house. Through the woods and down to the river, even meeting a kitty on the way!

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I have a 4 month old

Ezra turned 4 Mos old yesterday. (Feb 2nd) I can’t believe how big he is getting and how fast the time flys by. Before we know it our sweet baby boy will be 1/2 year old and then a whole year old! Why can’t they just stay cute babies forever?
Ezra is loving his rice cereal every evening. He has discovered his feet and he thinks they are great little things to nom on. He also trys to sit up, he pulls his wole body up like he is doing crunchs, and he is a talker. He will coo and coo forever! He is so much fun and such a joy.
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Lots of Changes

Finley got really sick a couple of weeks ago, with a weird mouth virus. She had a high fever, sores in her mouth and throat and swollen gums. She couldn’t eat and was very grumpy. Also the perfect time to get rid of the Pacifiers or the “Babies” as she calls them. She couldn’t really keep them in without her mouth hurting and they weren’t helping as far as germs go. So I threw them all in the garbage and we haven’t looked back! Thank God! Even though she was terribly sick and it was awful, it was the best way to get rid of the icky things. She has asked for them a few times, but doesn’t seem to care really and this is the thing I thought she would have the hardest time with. We also got rid of Fin’s crib. Finley is now sleeping in a twin bed, and is doing wonderfully. She whines a bit when we leave her room at night, but she puts herself to sleep and stays in her bed all night. The first night at around midnight we heard a pitterpatter up the staires but that was the only night this happened. After that she has stayed and she doesn’t get out of bed until I come get her! I’m so prolud of my big girl and all her changes.
Ezra is now eating a Tablespoon of cereal around dinner time every evening. He LOVES it and would eat way more if I let him. He is getting huge, I would guess he weighs around 16-17lbs and is now in a size 3 diaper. What a chunker.

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