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Opal’s "Nursery"

Nursery Inspiration

We decided that Opal will be sharing a room with us for the first little bit of her life, due to night feedings and the fact that we live in a small home and are hoping to purchase our very own home sometime by the end of the year or beginning of next year. I fell in love with this nursery on OhDeeDoh. I love it, and decided to use it as my inspiration for Opal’s nursery, or I guess I should say Opal’s space. I will be purchasing a new Jenny Lind style crib in black and I’m on the hunt for a used Jenny Lind changing table. I will be painting it an orangey coral color to add a pop of color and to coordinate the fabric choices. My mom is making Opal’s quilt and crib skirt, and will probably eventually some window treatments. But we are waiting on those until she does have her own room, which we will be painting too. But for now we just want to get the little things done, and complete the whole picture once we our in a new home. Here is the fabric we have chosen.

The Crib and the wall hangings my mom put together.

Some of the fabrics we ordered will be put in these wall hangings, she just used fabric she had for example.
Once Opal has a room, it will probably be painted a similar blue color to the nursery above. I’m not certain on what we will do with our rocker quite yet. It could definitely use a new coat of paint and maybe even a new cover for the cushions. We will see as we start to get the main things put together what we want to do with it. So this is what I have so far in my mind. Obviously photos will be posted once it all gets started and comes together!

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It’s a

GIRL! Mama was right, I have been 3 for 3. Although our Dr. was kind of a jerk about the whole thing, and kind of came into the room with the attitude that he didn’t want to tell us the gender of the baby, the U/S photo definitely shows girl. Dr. is still saying that he says it’s girl anatomy, but he is not officially calling girl. The U/S photo looks just like Finley’s and nothing like Ezra’s. So I’m calling girl for sure! We will have one more U/S later on, so hopefully that will be just more confirmation. Yesterday’s experience with our Dr. was less than ideal, very uncomfortable and I will be switching to a new Dr. It doesn’t have anything to do with the whole gender thing, it has a lot to do with his attitude about things and the way we were treated. I feel really good about the choice to go to a new Dr. So hopefully it all works out great!

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Tomorrow is the BIG day!

We find out tomorrow BOY or GIRL? What is your guess? Mine is girl, I have been saying that from the beginning and if this baby is boy. Lets just say I will be sooo shocked! I’m so happy our appointment is an early morning one, because I don’t think I could wait around all day to go in. The minutes would seem like hours.
I have been able to feel baby moving around quite a bit in there the last few days. Another very active baby we got! I love feeling the little squirt wiggling around, it makes it so much more real for me. Especially since I take forever to gain a bump. We Have a girl name set which is:

Opal Rae

And we have chosen a new boy name, it was Gibson before. We still don’t have a middle name to go with this new name either so any suggestions would help greatly! And the new boy name is:


I will update tomorrow afternoon when we get home from our appointment and let you all know BOY or GIRL?!?

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Tommee Tippee WINNER

And our lucky winner of the Tommee Tippee set of Explora sippy cups is #2. latanya!
Latanya, please email me at jhil2626{at}yahoo{dot}com to claim your prize. You have 48 hrs to do so, or I will choose a new winner. Thanks to everyone who participated.

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Almost 16 wks

The morning sickness is starting to subside quite a bit, thank goodness! I have still been a bit sick in the mornings as soon as I wake up, but I have been feeling much better through out the days. I’m so happy to be in my second trimester! So heres a bump photo (15wk), I know…nothing there really. But with my first two pregnancies it took FOREVER to show. So I’m guessing this one is not going to be much different. Also we go in for our anatomy scan in one week. I can’t wait to find out what we are having, what do you think? Girl or boy? My bet is girl.

15 wks- sorry for the quality, cell phone pic obviously!

•How many Weeks: 15wks 4 days.
•Weight Gain: None yet
•How big is baby?: The size of an avacado, 4.6 inches 3.5oz
•Maternity clothes?: Not yet
•Stretch marks?: Nope!
•Sleep?: Sleeping like a baby these days, still super tired.
•Movement?: A few little bubbles here and there.
•Food cravings?: Greek food and raisenettes
•Labor signs?: Nope, thank goodness.
•Belly button in or out?: In still.
•What I miss: being able to be out in this hot weather, it’s just too much for me right now.
•What I’m looking forward to: Finding out what we are having in a week.
•Milestone: Morning sickness starting to subside.

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Tommee Tippee Review and {Giveaway}

With two toddlers, sippy cups are a must. But finding the right sippy cup? That has been a problem for us. Seriously every “spill/leak proof” cup we have had was not so. I had yet to find something that didn’t leak, that didn’t drip or that the lid didn’t pop off of easily. Tommee Tippee sent me a set of their Explora truly spill proof Sippy Cups. And truly spill proof they are! I have been beyond thrilled with these cups. They are sturdy, easy to clean and I love that they have a little lid that clicks on and off if the cup gets tipped over. Unlike other valve systems Tommee Tippee’s active sensor valve is designed by a physicist to be both sensitive that liquid comes out on demand, yet truly spill and leak proof. The kids seem to like these cups and have had no problem getting any liquids out like they have with other sippy cups we have tried. Overall I’m very happy with these cups and plan on purchasing more.

Tommee Tippee is giving one of my readers a set of their Explora Sippys as well. To enter you must be a public follower of H is for Hillman and head on over to Tommee Tippee and come back here and tell me another item you would be interested in trying.
For an Extra Entry, “Like” Tommee Tippee on FB and tell them on their wall H is For Hillman Sent you. Leave a comment here telling me you did so.
Giveaway ends July 19th, winner will be announced July 20th.

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Been A bit

We are finally home from our little vacay. We had originally planned to only stay for Fourth of July weekend, but I hurt my neck and couldn’t move for a couple days so we decided to stay for the week, while Aaron drove back home and then came back and got us. He had some work things he needed to bring to work and back from work to the Bellingham plant so it actually worked out perfect. We decided not to go back at the end of July. Which I just wasn’t looking forward to doing the drive by myself with the kids. Although it is an easy drive, it’s long and a 3 yr old and 1 yr old just do not like being in the car for that long, with very little to do. I’m very sad I’m going to miss my friends wedding though, I really wanted to be there. But it is just too much for us all to do again in such a short time frame. So now on the agenda for the rest of the summer is to try to enjoy this heat and pray that Fall comes quickly. I know, I know, I shouldn’t wish summer away. But this heat is killing me. I usually love hot weather, always have. I’m having a hard time being out in it for long periods of time this year though. It could have something to do with being pregnant and still a little sick or it could just be that I’m getting old and would rather stay cool. Whichever, I’m ready for fall. I’m ready for crock pot and dutch oven meals, squash, pumpkins, and beautiful sunny cool crisp days. Aww I love Fall. Just thinking about it makes me smile!
And now for some photos of the munchkins from our visit. We had a great time, the kids were spoiled rotten of course, which included my dad pulling out his cotton candy machine on a couple of occasions just for the kids. It was wonderful and quite the fun treat! We also visited Hovander Park, which was beautiful and so fun for the kids to run around on a warm summer day!

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Home For the Fourth

Finley last year on the fourth!

I have been very homesick lately. Being pregnant and super hot in Montana this last week I have felt stressed to max. So after a slight breakdown to Aaron, we decided to take an impromptu trip home to Washington. So we loaded the truck up and headed to my parent’s yesterday afternoon. We are here safe and sound and have lots of fun little things planned.
Finley was an absolute gem the whole way over, Ezra a different story, but what 20month old likes to be a car for 8 hrs?. We have a special day planned for Finley. Pedicures, Tea Party and a new dress all with Mama and Grandma. While Ez hangs with dad.
I’m so relieved to be here, even if it’s only for a few days. I already feel so much more relaxed and less stressed. Photos of our trip to come and a great giveaway as soon as I have a moment! Enjoy your weekend and your 4Th everyone.

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