Giving up blogging

I have made a pretty bittersweet decision to no longer blog. I have been struggling to keep up with blogging, reviews, giveaways and everyday life. Having four children is a lot of work and I hope to one day be able to resume blogging and create a blog the way I want and have time for, but as long as I have kids at home taking up all my time and energy I no longer have the time to make my the blog as successful as I would like. It was a good 7 years! Thank you to all my loyal readers and followers, I appreciate everyone of you and all your kind words and participation!

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Chicky Pop

Chicky Pop

I love kids clothing and have a slight obsession with amazing high end brands. Not that I buy that often, because I have four kids. But I’m that kind of shopper who won’t buy something unless I absolutely love it, so when I do find something amazing I have to get it. Chicky Pop is that type of boutique. Where everything you see, you have to have!

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Chicky Pop carries brands like Beau Loves, Ouef, NUNUNU, and Mini Rodini. All offer amazing quality and stylish options for your little one.  We loved how easy it was to order and receive our favorite brands.

We picked out two pieces from the NUNUNU Collection for Arlo. NUNUNU isn’t your typical teddy bears and fairies type of brand. Their clothing offers attitude, style and Gender neutral designs. Arlo received the Kimono Playsuit which is perfection. It is so incredibly soft and so simple yet so stylish. Easy for a day in to play or a day out and about. We also received the Star body suit, another item that is simple but bold and makes a statement. It matches most everything as well. Both of these items came packaged beautifully and smelled so yummy. We are a huge fan of this brand as well as Chicky pop.

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I highly recommend Chicky pop, owner Yami if wonderful to work with and very  sweet and accommodating. I’ very impressed with all the beautiful high end boutique clothing she offers and definitely will purchase from her again.

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He is here!

Arlo Beck arrived on Nov 27th weighing 6lbs 14oz and is 19 inches in length.

Sorry it took me so long to get you all updated. It’s been a little busy transitioning to 4 kiddos.

Arlo arrived safely and perfectly healthy after a day of early labor and then about 12ish hours of active labor. He is perfect and looks a lot like his big brother. The kids are all doing really good with him and adore him. Even Josie, I was a bit worried about her but she loves him and is so happy to have him here. Finley and Ezra want to love on him and hold him constantly so that gets a little overwhelming at times for him. He has been great though, very quiet sleepy baby. Loves to nurse and sleeps great. Hates having his diaper changed and bathtime.

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Stokke Scoot Giveaway WINNER

Our winner chosen by random org is #38 Laura S

Laura, please email me with you shipping info so we can get you your prize! Congrats, and stay tuned for more giveaways to come!

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Lullaby Paints {Review}

Lullaby Paints

Thatch Wall Paint

When we first learned we were expecting baby #4 we weren’t really sure what we were going to do about a nursery. If you would design one, just have baby in our room at first, move Josie in with Finley? We had a ton  of options to think about, and finally we decided to do a nursery, but also keep a small space in the same room for Josie. I certainly did not want to kick her out of her room and move her in with Finley where there wasn’t really any space for her right now and try to transition her to a big girl bed at the same time. I figured that would be way too much change on her and could definitely be way too difficult for all of us.

We decided to paint Josie’s room once we realized the bedding we chose for the new bub did not match the wall colors. So I turned to Lullaby Paints to find the perfect color. Lullaby paints are made from the finest ingredients available, and are 100% safe to use in a nursery. In fact they are so safe they include food grade safe ingredients. The vibrant and beautiful pigments are imported from Europe. And they also meet the highest environmental and safety standards.

Lullaby Paints sent us this beautiful paint to adorn the walls of the nursery. We chose the color Thatch and love it! It couldn’t have been  a more perfect match to the vintage airplane fabric we chose.

Thatch Wall Paint

 Before Photos:


We removed and put up all new trim and closet doors.


I love the way the Nursery turned out, there are a few more photos I will share later once he is born, as his name will be revealed after he is born and we have a few wall décor items with his name. I also have a few little things I will be adding as well as new curtains. So stay tuned for more nursery photos!

Lullaby Paints was super easy to use and apply. The paints come in eco friendly packaging and they also offer all in one kits to make things easier on you!   Their customer service was also amazing and so helpful. I would definitely purchase from them to update other rooms in our house.

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Stokke® Scoot™ {A Giveaway}

Stokke is one of my favorite companies for children’s furniture and baby gear. I love their Scandinavian style they offer and the quality is unbeatable.

The Stokke® Scoot™ is an urban compact stroller ready for the bustling city, traveling, narrow doorways and store aisles as well as city transit! It is easy to fold and easy to carry and also oh so beautiful! The scoot also comes in a an array of beautiful colors.  Stokke sent us the Scoot in the Black Melange and I couldn’t be happier with it’s performance and the beautiful greyish black color.

The Low down on the Stokke® Scoot™:

2 way rear and front facing seat
4 recline to upright positions
Suitable for café or high chair substitute.
Easy one hand folding.
Height adjustable handle.
Compact & easy to carry.
Stable footrest , easy step access for toddlers.
Superior seat ergonomics for compact category.
Extra roomy cargo basket.

I’m excited to use this Stroller with the new babe, but I also loved using it with Josephine. We ventured to the mall to do a little shopping and she actually stayed in it for the majority of the time, which is rare for her since she loves run and if generally pretty active no matter where we go. She must have been pretty comfy in it. I also was able to fit all my bags and then some in the roomy cargo basket. We were also sent the Soft bag, which we have yet to use, but since little guy should be here soon and we have snow already it will definitely be put to good use and probably sooner than later!

Stokke is giving away one of these beauties to one of my beautiful readers, All you need to do is head over to Stokke, check out the Scoot. Come back here and tell me your favorite feature and the color you would choose.

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Giveaway starts November 18th and runs until the 25th.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Combi Usa Cosmo {Expecting Mama’s edition }

For the next couple of weeks I will be posting a few of my all time favorite products and gifts for the expecting mama! First up on that list is the Combi USA Cosmo Stroller.  

The Cosmo stroller is a great light weight stroller that is also great on the eye. This sleek stroller is perfect for the mama on the go,  easy to fold, pack and carry this stroller is a wonderful gift at a great and reasonable price! It is also compatible with the Combi Shuttle  car seat. The Cosmo also has a multi position seat and 3-5 point harness, fitting children of  a range of ages. 

We really love this stroller, It’s so nice for being out and about, downtown or in the mall. Easy to move around throughout stores and on the side walks.  The lower basket is also great and does fit a good amount of bags and what not. It is also super easy to clean and wipe down, cause we all know it won’t stay clean when you have a snacking toddler along for the ride!  

This is definitely a stroller that would be on my wish list for the holidays. Expecting a new baby really makes you research products but also expecting your 4th baby and  purchasing and using a ton of different products makes you really know what you need and want in products. The Combi Cosmo really does fit our needs as well as our wants! Check it and many other amazing products out at Combiusa.

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Happy Halloween

Hapy Halloween from my cute bunch. Have a fun and safe night out there!

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35 weeks, nursing bras and end of pregnancy

Wow, I can’t believe I only have 35 days left! (Or less…yeah right?!) I’m getting pretty anxious to meet this little feller. However I’m full of all different emotions as this pregnancy is nearing the end. I can’t wait to meet my new son, but I also cannot believe that this is the very last time I will ever be pregnant. Last time I will ever feel hiccups and kicks within, watch my belly shake like an earthquake or guess with Aaron about what he might be like or look like.  Even though it’s exciting I get to have this perfect little miracle in my arms very soon and as miserable as the last weeks of pregnancy are, it is a little bit sad. Pregnancy is such a wonderful time in life. I often think back on my very first pregnancy and miss those days. Full of excitement and wonder and firsts.  Ending pregnancy as a part of my life all together definitely has it’s emotional moments.  Which then leads me to the thought that this will be the last time I will be nursing a baby as well, and my mind immediately goes to

“Oh crap, I have so much to get and do still, like nursing tanks and bras!”

(ps. the nursing bras and tanks don’t even compare to the longer list I still need to complete)

I have been looking at Bravado Designs bras and nursing tanks. I hate spending a ton of money on something I will only be using for a little over a year, but having 3 kids helps you learn about what products you should have had and should have invested in and why not get all new now? I mean the ones I have are years old and I definitely need new ones and comfortable good quality ones at that.

And I leave with a bump photo,

35 weeks! Excuse the messy hair, I’m baking today for Finley’s Harvest Party tomorrow!

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Prince LionHeart Whirl Balance Scooter {review and giveaway}

Prince Lionheart is a family owned and operated business offering some of the best products for children and baby,  From toys to potty chairs, feeding and safety products. Prince Lionheart has it all. They definitely offer a great selection of adorable and quality made toys.

Prince Lionheart’s whirl balance SCOOTER will teach your child how to balance. Which is a much needed skill  to learn how to ride a pedal bike.  This balance scooter is nice to help build confidence and let your child learn at their own pace.  Now we don’t have any smooth surface outdoors yet for this scooter but we let the kids use it indoors on our hard floors and it worked beautifully.  So now that the weather is starting to cool down and the snow will begin to fall, this scooter still serves a purpose and is perfect for indoor use as well.

A few little details on the scooter:

• Solid rubber handgrips.
• Height adjustable, padded seat
15in – 18.5in.
• 12in rubber tires.
• 100% birch frame from an FSC certified forest.
• 2-5 years.

I love being able to give my kids good quality toys that they will can actually learn a skill from and help them develop other important skills like patience and confidence. 

Now for the giveaway! Yay! Yes you can totally win this, and I hope you do 🙂 It would make an awesome Holiday gift for that little one in your life, whether it be your child, a friend’s child or your niece or nephew. I don’t know any child that wouldn’t love this scooter. Trying the rafflecopter widget this time, so make sure to read all the directions carefully.

It has come to my attention that the actual widget will not show up in the blog post, so to enter you will have to use the link. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. We won’t do this again. But since there are already entries I need you to enter through the link onto the widget. Just this one time. Thanks.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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