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Finley and Mama

Finley loves to kiss and love on my Belly. She is very interested in whats in there, and I think she is very ready to meet her baby brother!!

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Vote for our beautiful girl!

Gap Casting call!!! Vote For Finley please

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36/37 week Appt

I had my first internal today to see if I have made any progress at all so far. And indeed I have! Yay for progress, I’m 1cm dialated. Although this doesn’t mean much, It still makes me happy and leaves me with one less cm to deal with once I actually am in labor! Ezra is head down, and is super super low. I have been having lots of pressure and have woken up a couple of nights with some false labor, so he could really be here anytime now. My hopes aren’t high though. Finley was late and this little man probably will be too. I’m getting pretty uncomfortable and have been having lots of heartburn and have been very achey, so I’m pretty much ready to get this show on the road and meet my sweet little boy.

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The nursery is complete!

Ezra’s Nursery is all done and he can come at any point now! Sooner than later is fine with me. I have been super uncomfortable and am tired of trying to chase a toddler around being this pregnant. Both Finley and I have been pretty cranky lately. I think we are all ready to meet Ezra!

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