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Crazy Busy

Wow, this week has been crazy. First it was my Beautiful girl’s 3rd Birthday.
I don’t know how she got to be 3 already? That flew right on by. She had a Princess Dinosaur birthday cake as requested. It was adorable and perfect and delish!
Finley was spoiled per usual. All in all a perfect 3rd birthday.

Aaron has been in Montana for the past 3 days. Looking for a house, getting the plant together and interviewing employees.

I have been at my parents with the kids and my sister, trying not to think about all the stuff I need to get done.

Throwing shit away


oh and packing…did I mention that already?
Aaron said we didn’t need professional movers, I disagreed and still do. He says he doesn’t trust anyone else to move our stuff.
Um…professional…key word.
I trust them, especially if don’t have to pack and can take my kids to play. Then come home to a packed house, Hop in our car and move to our new home. Sounds perfect to me.
Not to Aaron, therefore he will be doing the packing.
All of the packing.
Although I did throw a bunch of pots and pans and kitchen crap away today, and pack up Finley’s baby clothes.
I’m done.
No more packing for me.
Sorry Charlie…thats what you get for not getting me the professionals.
So now I’m on the hunt for a new vehicle and once the house is packed we move. Which is probably as soon as next week.
Eeek…Bye bye Washington, Hello Montana.

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Christmas was wonderful. The kids got spoiled rotten of course. Aaron and I got spoiled as well.
Christmas Eve was spent at my parent’s house. It was a nice relaxing evening of exchanging gifts and eating lots of yummy meats, cheeses, dips and breads and drinking wine. Perfect Christmas Eve!

Christmas morning was a blast, the kids were so excited to open gifts and try them out right away. Later in the afternoon my parents, grandma and sister came over for Christmas dinner.
All in all it was a nice relaxing time, the kids had a wonderful day.

Aaron and I have not exchanged gifts yet, our gift to eachother is a date night. Dinner and shopping, I can’t wait. It has been a long time since Aaron and I have had a date night or taken eachother shopping. I’m really looking forward to it.

Here are some photos of our day! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.
Now it’s time for Finley’s birthday on monday and packing for Montana!

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And the Winner is

The winner of your choice of Lotion from Lotionista is #5 Katherine
katherine said…
Mmmm..Cotton Candy sounds good!

Congrats, Enjoy your lotion!
Please contact me @ to claim your prize. You have 48hrs to respond or I will have to choose a new winner.

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Just LISTEN!!!

Finley is having a really hard time listening lately. I’m about to lose it. The kid just does not listen. I will tell her to do something, will tell her not to do something, try to get her attention while she is playing or watching a show. DOES NOT LISTEN.

When she doesn’t want to do something I have asked her to do she just sits and whines and cries until I get so upset I just give in. I’m sick of it, and I really feel anger build up in my chest, I just want to scream. When I do raise my voice she will listen, but why should I have to yell at her?

I hate yelling, it’s mean. I don’t like to be yelled at myself so why would I like to yell at her. It kills me.

Today we went down to the grocery store and she was super good the whole time. It was very busy and she kept close and listened to me throughout the store. Then as soon as we got to the register she started taking candy off the shelf and asking for it, when I said no she started to get very whiny and would sit on the floor and pout. Ezra was trying to climb out of the cart into my arms wanting down so it started to get a bit hectic. I even got a glare from the lady behind me. It really wasn’t that bad.
So thanks for the unnecessary glare lady.
Your dumb.

As we were leaving, Finley started to throw a major fit because I wouldn’t let her rent a movie.
What the hell?
Seriously? She was good the whole time, and now the meltdown begins
Screaming, hitting Ezra in the car, freaking out like no other.
All because she couldn’t rent a movie.
She continued to act this way the whole way home.

“Finley, you are acting horrible. You are going straight to bed when we get home.”
“WAHHH WAHHH” Blubbering mess, I tell you. Blubbering.
As soon as we pulled up to the house, I told her to go down to her room. Her response
“I won’t be hoorable never again.”

Ugh…I die. Seriously?

The whining has continued all day and I feel like I want to cry. I really do not know what to do. I keep thinking I’m the horrible one. Maybe I’m just a bad mom and let her get away with too much or don’t discipline the right way. My patience is wearing thin and I feel like failure.
I just want her to listen to me.

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Here We Go

About a week ago Aaron called me and mentioned that his work bought a plant in Montana, and they weren’t sure what they were going to do with it, move all the equipment here or run it from over there. Either way this could be beneficial to Aaron’s job. Currently he is the supervisor of the Fusing lab at his work. Aaron works very long hours and busts his butt. Aaron has always been a very hard worker and excels at everything he does.
I thought nothing of the thought that the business had bought another plant, they buy equipment often and it didn’t really phase me. Two days later Aaron said that it had been mentioned to send him down to run the new plant. His words were

“It’s like a 10 percent chance babe, but would you be willing to move to Montana?”

“Sure, I’m okay with Montana, it’s beautiful there.” I said, still thinking nothing of it.

“Like I said it’s a small chance, just mentioning it.” He responded

Then the conversation was over and I hung up the phone. I cozied back up in bed and went to sleep.

Next day

“Um babe? So I think the chances have just increased by a lot. Your still okay with moving to Missoula right?”

“Yeah, it’s kind of exciting. I think it would be a great place to live, I hear it’s like Bellingham so I’m for it.”

Next Day: Aaron comes to me and says we need to sit down and figure out what the terms would be for moving and all that. So this is real, we are maybe moving to Montana. Aaron goes into a meeting with the owners of the company and comes out happy, the next day he calls me and says

“Pack your bags, we are moving to Montana.”

Eeekk, we are moving to Montana. Which I’m totally for, very nervous, but also very excited. This is good for us, this is a promotion and a great oppurtunity. It happened so quickly and we move within the next 3 weeks or so. So now I’m an anxious mess, thinking of everything I need to do.

1. Find a house
2. Pack all of our stuff
3. Throw out all of our stuff- okay, only kidding, but I would love to do this. But unfortunatly the promotion does not invovle millions and I can’t afford all new stuff. Bummer! Haha
4. Make mulitple trips to Goodwill to get rid of toys and clothing the kids no longer use.
5. Take all our utilities out of our name and get them set up in new house, which we don’t have yet.

And a million other things that I can’t remember because my brain is freaking out right now, thinking “How in the hell am I going to do all this in a matter of weeks.”

So I will take a deep breath and say Here we go, we are moving to Montana!

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Lotionista Feature and {Giveaway}

During the winter months my skin gets super dry and I often get eczema patches here and there. I needed a good thick lotion that was going to not only moisturize my skin but also take care of those little red patches. Lotionista is a great shop on Etsy that offers wonderful skin care products.

Etsy shop owner, Cicely Siller, is military wife, mother of three, and an elementary school teacher. Lotionista Handmade Lotion came about in her experiments with handmade recipes where she found some stuff that actually helped combat her infant’s eczema. Cicely makes her lotions from scratch, by hand and in small batches to ensure freshness. Each lotion contains just 6 ingredients: distilled water, olive oil, vegetable glycerin, emulsifying wax, optiphen and fragrance/essential oil.

Cicely sent me two samples of her amazing lotion. A white tea and ginger scent and also a Fresh scent. Not only has it helped with my dry skin it has been leaving me smelling wonderful. I love how soft the scents are. I’m one who doesn’t like overwhelming smells, so these lotions are perfect for me. I usually have a problem finding lotion I like because of this and always opt for unscented. But Cicely’s lotions are wonderful and smell amazing. I even feel safe putting these on the kids.

Lotionista is giving one of my readers a chance to win a lotion of their choice. So head on over to Lotionista and come back here and tell me what fragrance you would choose if you won.
For extra Entries (leave a seperate comment on this post for each you complete)
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5. For more info check out Cicley’s blog and become a follower
6. Check out Cicley’s other Etsy shop as well.

Giveaway Ends December 21st, winner will be annouced December 22nd. Good luck

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Fall Creek Fibers and Tea Winner

The winner of their choice of 3 Teas sampler is #7, Kristen
Kristen said…
I am a follower of H is for Hillman via google friend connect.

Congrats Kristen, Contact me at to claim your prize. You have 48hrs to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

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Please Take a Moment

Remember this sweet little face? I wrote about Aubrey Deno with you a couple months ago sharing her story with you. Well Aubrey is having a tough time right now. She recieved a Bone marrow transplant 11 days ago and things have taken a turn for the worse and are much worse then expected. She has a liver disease from her chemo she got before the transplant, a disease causing her kidneys and lungs to not work properly. She has maxed out the Ventialtor which is keeping her breathing and is on the highest vent. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

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Jd Baby Slipper Winner

And the winner chosen by random is #2. Lisa! Lisa said…
I am now following your blog.

Congrats to you Lisa. You are going to love these slippers for your little one. You have 48hrs to respond or I will have to choose a new winner.
Thanks to everyone who entered. Don’t forget the Tea giveaway is still going until the 17th. And I will be posting a new giveaway by Friday.

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jd baby review and {Giveaway}

Finley and Ezra both have cold feet all the time. Probably because I can never find any of their tiny socks to put on their feet. jd baby creates heirloom quality garments for baby. Which are handmade from natural, organic and vintage materials. created from original, hand drafted patterns and meticulously sewn by Joan Durocher.
jd baby focuses on eco-friendly business practices whenever possible, utilizing renewable resources, upcycling {re-purposing} and simple retro resourcefulness.
Joan has been quite the seamstress from an early age with over 40 years of experience. With her trusty singer sewing machine by her side, Joan officially launched joan durocher baby in 2009.
Joan sent Ezra a pair of his very own Dragon slippers. As soon as I got them I put them on his feet and he hasn’t taken them off since. (well except at bathtime) He loves them, and points at them while oohing and awwing. I took him out in them yesterday because he seemed so cozy, I didn’t want to take them off. He got a ton of compliments on how cute his slippers were and I couldn’t agree more, they are darling! Soft and durable, Ezra is able to walk smoothly on the hardwood without slipping thanks to the grips on the bottom. These really are the perfect slipper.

Check out these adorable bunny slippers, or how about these ladybugs for your cute little girl?

Or these duck feet for your little duckling? And I just love these little lambs!

Joan is truely talented, these little slippers are amazing and the best part? She can make them in adult sizes too, how awesome is that?

Joan has graciously offered one of my readers the chance to win a pair of slippers of their choice. All you need to do to enter is head on over jd baby, look around then come back here and tell me what slippers you would choose and for who?
For extra Entries (leave a seperate comment on this post for each you complete)
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I’m only running this giveaway for 3 days so that the winner can recieve their slippers before christmas. These slippers would make a wonderful addition to new pjs for christmas.
Giveaway ends Tuesday Dec. 15th. Winner will be announced on Wed. Good luck to all!

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