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As I sit here I can here the crying and screaming of Finley. She screams and yells for me. With every “Mommy, please don’t leave me. I love you mommy.” My heart breaks into little pieces. This is horrible. I hate listening to her sounding so miserable. But this has to be done. She has to sleep in her own bed, Aaron and I NEED our bed back.
Finley started off sleeping in her big girl bed really well. She was very good about it, no crying or screaming. Then, we moved our bed downstaires into the living area, and made our room the playroom. We did this for a few reasons, 1. Ezra started to sleep in his crib and I didn’t want him so far away 2. I didn’t want to break something on my way down the staires 1 of the 5 times a night I had to nurse him, and 3. our upstaires roasts in the summer time. Since we had this great idea, so did Finle y- jump in mom and dads bed after they go back upstaires. So everynight we have had a cute little curly haired head sticking out of the top of our bed. And so there began the habit of sleeping with mom and dad, and then began the habit of just going to bed with mom every night. I know I let this happen and I know I need to correct it. But this is seriously miserable. I hate this, with a capital H. Hate!!! I have the gate up on her door right now and she has been crying for an hour now. I even bribed her with a new bike at the end of the week if she slept in her bed every night this week. Didn’t work. As if this isn’t already bad enough, Ezra is also crying, probably wondering why is his is so sad. Ugh, so here I sit, trying to keep myself busy and drown out the saddness.

How do you deny this sweet thing her mommy?

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Old Friends

You know when you are little and you meet your best friend in the 1st grade and just know you will be friends forever? You know the friends you do the most reckless, ridiculous, insane things with? When I say insane, I mean- holy cow I can’t believe we didn’t get caught or grounded for life. Now we didn’t get away with everything, and the cops have been involved a couple of times. Oh yes, we were pretty bad on a few occasions. I look back and just say to myself “we were soooo STUPID!” But if I were going to get in trouble with anyone it would have been them.
Well I’m no longer friends with any of my childhood friends. Now most people would probably be sad about this. And at first when I realized I had lost touch or drifted apart, or had falling outs of sorts, I was sad. I felt like there was something wrong with me, and how could I lose all my friends? I felt alone, like I didn’t have anyone to talk to. Now, I look at myself, my life as a wife and a mother. I am content. I am content with who I spend my time with, with who I share the love and joy of my children with, with who I share my life with. I realized it wasn’t my fault. I matured and relished in being a wife and mother. While most of my friends remained the same, or grew fond of danger and things unknown to me, things I could never understand associating with.
There are lots of times when I still feel like I wish I had a great group of girlfriends to go out to dinner with, to get pedicures with, or go on weekend getaways with.
I have now begun to get braver and meet new friends, mommy friends, women with whom I have things in common with. I have learned it is a lot harder making friends as an adult then it was while being a child. But I’m happy to still be growing, expressing myself, learning and living my life.

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Winthrop Photos

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Aaron has a friend named Mike, and mike’s parent’s have a cabin in Winthrop. So off to Wintrhop we went. My parents and sister went up with us. It was beautiful over there, hot, and relaxing. Well…kind of relaxing. Fin and Ez were both sick with a cold. Okay actually we were all sick, every one of us. The babes still had a blast minus all the nose wiping. Seriously those noses were constantly running, with gross, thick,green snot. But thanks to my trusty Boogie Wipes those icky noses weren’t red and raw from all that wiping.
Finley went fishing for the first time. We went in the evening, and it didn’t last long. The mosqituos were out in full force, and Finley decided she wanted to go swiming in the lake. So there she stood for 5 minutes fishing sans pants. Bare butted. So you can imagine that sweet bare butt looked like yummy food for them bugs. Plus we weren’t supposed to use live bait and we got yelled at by some old men in a boat, telling us ” You better not be using bait, you will get a big fine.” Then a big SUV came driving down to where our cars were and was just sitting there. So we hid the bait and left.
It was a nice trip overall, Aaron and I got to get away and spend a little time together so that was nice and very much needed.
We did some shopping, laid by the pool, ate good food (and icecream)and drank good margaritas. Then we woke up this morning, and we were all sicker than we had been. My mom sneezing and coughing. Aaron could barely move and had a horrible sore throat and cough. I woke up with a migraine. The babes noses were worse then before, and Finley threw up the whole car ride home. She was very car sick from going down the curvey pass so quickly. And I’m not going to lie, I was pretty car sick myself. Now I lie in bed, where I have been all day, because that damn migraine had me on my butt and puking like no other. My sister had to take Finley and Ezra out to my parent’s house. I seriously couldn’t move or open my eyes, and in my blurry, sweaty mumbles I think I even asked my sister to take me to the hospital. Yes, I was in that much pain. I’m feeling much better, still not 100%, so I’m going to wait until tomorrow to add some photos of our trip.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Our’s sure was eventful.

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Frog Prince Paperie

The etsy shop I went through for Ezra’s birthday theme is called Frog Prince Paperie. The owner, Paula sent me an e-mail on saturday saying she sent the decor out that day. Well to my surprise I got it today in the mail, and it is beautiful! She does amazing work, and needless to say I will be using her for Finley’s birthday party in December as well. Go check out her shop Here. She has been great to work with and has made this party planning process very smoothe for me. I’m loving the mermaid theme she has on her site and I’m thinking this might be the theme I go with for Fin’s party!

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The Menu

So basically I just need a place to write out my thoughts on this 1st birthday party shindig. I *think* I have the menu and dessert table planned out, so here goes

White Bean Chicken Chili -PW’s recipe of course! Like I would use anyone elses? I think not!
Corn bread muffins
Punch -Undecided here on what kind, suggestions are welcome!

Dessert Table:
Candy Dipped Marshmellows
Yogurt covered raisens – a healthy option for the wee ones
Green Jellybeans
Lime Meringue cookies

Okay so I feel like the dessert table lacks something, I just don’t know what else to add. I was thinking of making some whoopie pies I saw on Bakerella’s blog. Cake pops are out for me, I have tried doing them once, big fat FAIL! I know I need to keep it somewhat simple and don’t need a lot. But I just want it to go off without a hitch, I want it perfect. And I don’t want to look back and say “oh I wish I would have had that on the dessert table, or served that with lunch.” And how stupid do I sound right now? Okay okay, I need to chill a bit. It’s just a first birthday party, but then again he will only turn 1 once.

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Almost Party Time

Ezra is 10 months old today. He had his 9 month check up last week. He is 21 lbs and 29 inches tall. Long and Lean. Just like sissy.
2 months until he turns ONE. 2 months until his first birthday party. I didn’t get to do a big, fun birthday for Finley when she turned one. We were living in Alaska at the time, so we had very little friends and family. It was just a family dinner, nothing big. But this time I get to plan a little bit bigger of an event. I have already picked the theme. Okay so I picked the theme like 6 months ago because I’m a planner. Like an obsessive, have to know, and have things set and planned months before. I freak if I don’t, I hate spontanious last minute adventures. Not my thing. The menu is planned, the dessert table is also all set up in my mind. The decor, all of it…Planned and ready! So come October 2nd I just have to take it out of my mind and put it all together in real life. I’m very excited but stressed, and keep thinking okay this is too much, just stop thinking about it. It doesn’t have to be this huge bash or cost an insane amount of money. And then I see Kate Lander’s and Amy Atlas’ blog and I envy them. I want to be able to have a party for my child just like those photos. Those amazing dessert tables, decor, all of it. I want it!!!
The Etsy shop I’m going through just sent me the listing for our party package this weekend. I can’t wait to get everything. It really is going to be adorable. The theme you ask? Frog Prince. No not the movie! It’s a bit whimsicle. I love the colors, and it’s very Ezra. And this is what it looks like:

This is what I’m hoping to recreate

The Invite- I have not yet ordered because I want them to have a more updated photo on them come closer to the party date.

Cupcake toppers. There is a great cupcake shop here that will be doing the cupcakes, and possibly a smash cake.

The Favors. I will be filling them with gummy frogs.

I have a few more ideas and will be going to Michaels and JoAnn’s later this week to see if I can bring them to life.

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New Winner

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