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Trinkets For Keeps

Trinkets For Keeps is a great little shop I found on Etsy. Crystelle is a mom to two little girls and has a passion for making vintage hand crafted accessories. Crystelle says “I want to create jewelry that signifies my own personal style and incorporate all the things that I love. I really love mixing the old and the new when creating my designs to produce stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces that every woman can wear.”

Crystelle sent me two beautiful trinkets. I love both of these pieces. I gave one to my mother to wear while she is here visiting us and she has been wearing it the whole time she has been here. It is beautiful and she is in love with it.
I love it too, and love the vintage style.
Go check out Crystelle’s etsy shop and get yourself a beautiful trinket. These would make great gifts or even a great addition to an Easter Basket.

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Em and Me Boutique{ Review & Giveaway}


I came across Em and Me boutique on none other than the Etsy. Shop Owner, Sara makes the cutest hair bows, clippies and headbands anyone would want, well need (Because when you have a little girl you NEED these things sometimes.) for their little cutey girls.

Loving these yellow ones, so pretty and perfect for spring!

Like my self, Sara had the same problem with her Emma Grace that I did with my Finley Belle. When strangers would come to comment on how cute my baby “Boy” was I would try to nicely correct them, then go home and put her in all the pink I could find.
So this is where Sara decided to try her hand at hair bows. She was tired of her beautiful girl being called a boy, and buying that many bows got a little spendy. Especially the fancy ones that scream girl from a mile away!
Sara puts Emma down to bed at then gets to work on her beautiful bows at night. Sara loves making bows and I’m glad she loves it, because she does an awesome job and I love all her bows.
Finley was sent a beautiful selection of bows from Em and Me Boutique, which Finley is in love with. She never had enough hair as a baby to put clips in, then when she did she was at that age where she wouldn’t keep them in. And now as a toddler going on 16 she LOVES to wear bows, clips and headbands. She has worn a different one each day, since we have received them. I love them because she looks extra girly and they look so cute in those golden blond curls of hers.

I love the idea of filling up a little girls Easter basket full of beautiful bows, a lot more pretty and more useful then all that candy! I’m the same with stocking stuffers too. I like to fill them with useful and different creative items. It’s more fun that way, don’t get me wrong candy is great. I mean a girl needs her chocolate but I like to include some fun new things the kids can actually use, just like my mom did for us.

Sara is offering one of my readers the chance to win an item of their choice from Em and Me Boutique.
To Enter you MUST head over to Em and Me Boutique and then come back and tell me what you would choose if you win.
1. “Like” Em and Me on FB
2. “Like” and share H is for Hillman on FB
3. Leave a meaningful comment on a non-giveaway post
4. Follow H is for Hillman
5. Grab my button and tell me where to find it.

Giveaway Ends APRIL 5th, winner will be chosen and annouced the 6th. Thanks and good luck

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And the ERGObaby Winner is…

chosen by is #119 Whitney
Whitney said…
Like Ergo on fb.

Whitney please email me within 48hrs to claim your prize. If you do not then you will forfeit your prize and I will have to choose a new winner. Thanks to everyone for playing.

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Piccoli Sogni Children’s Boutique

I came across a sweet online boutique a couple of weeks ago called Piccoli Sogni Children’s Boutique. They offer the handmade and organic clothing for infants and toddlers. In addition to some of the cutest clothing I have seen they also carry handmade hair accessories, handmade baby shoes, hand knit pants, knit hats, crochet hats,baby jewelry, cloth diapers, and toys.
Eliana of Piccoli Sogni sent us two clothing items for the babes to review. A beautiful Kate Quinn Organics Gathered Woven dress for Finley and An adorable Babysoy layered one peice outfit.

As soon as the items arrived the kids were both ripping off their clothes asking to try on their new adorable dress and one-piece. The clothing is beautiful, very well made and Piccoli Sogni is a great company to work with. I loved how fast we got our items and the amazing custmor service Eliana gave.
Piccoli Sogni has some other adorable items in their shop. I can’t wait to shop and order more from Eliana! We love all their dresses, slippers, and onesies. Whats your favorite item in her shop?

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Scentsy Party

I’m hosting an Online scentsy party through the awesome Cyndi B, So if you are in need of any new scents for your warmer or have not tried scentsy before go ahead and check it out . To order from my party Just click HERE.
There will be a review and giveaway coming up next month for some great Scentsy product. So be sure to get your orders in.

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Butterfly Mobile By Butterfly Orb {Etsy shop feature and discount}

Mark and Ann of Butterfly Orb make the most beautiful and special mobiles. Not only are these mobiles just to hang over a crib. But they are very versatile and could be used in any room of your home. The orbs can be created in any color scheme chosen from the colors offered in the shop.

Ann and Mark sent Finley a beautiful mobile to hang in her reading area. Finley was thrilled to choose her own colors, and of course purple had to make an appearance in the mobile. She really did take her time deciding and carefully looked at each butterfly offered. She choose deep purple, hot pink and cream. Finley did well, because her mobile is gorgeous and looks great in her room. Even Ezra loves it, every time he passes by her room, it catches his eye and he points and oohs and awes at it. Darling.

The Butterfly Orb shop is offering the first 10 readers who order a discount of 20% off your mobile. Just type in the code “HisforHillman” at checkout.

Enjoy your gorgeous mobile and have so much fun picking out your colors. These mobiles really are one of a kind and I love how they can fit into any children’s room without being too babyish, so even when baby is older it still serves as adorable decor and grows with the child. I would even hang one in my entry way or breakfast nook. You could also put notes inside and keep notes later in a memory book, hang ribbons from the orb or hang a crystal inside. The orbs are light and airy and look beautiful anywhere.

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Please keep it up!

I could use more votes in the Ca Baby B bump contest. Please CLICK HERE and like CA Baby and my Photo! Thank you.

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Never Grow Up

“Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder..Twinkle twinkle little staaar, what you are. Up above, up above the world so high. Like a diamond in the sky…diamond skkkyy”

The room is dark and quiet, Finley and I lay snuggled in bed.
“Mama will you sing me a song?”

“Of course baby girl” I start to sing and Finley softly joins in.
Just the two of us singing quietly. We finish the song, Finley snuggles in closer.
“Holdee my hand mama?” She gently takes my hand and nestles hers within my palm.
“Okay, sweet girl, Good night, I love you.”

“Sweet dreams mama, I love you too.”

And she is out and my heart melts. Don’t you wish they could stay this little forever? So sweet, loving and innocent. Not a worry in the world that to her mommy and daddy can’t fix. So much love for us, we can do nothing wrong in her beautiful bright blue eyes and she always turns to us for comfort and stability. And one day she is going to grow up.
Scream at me for ruining her life at age 16, cry on my shoulder when her first boyfriend breaks up with her, and cry tears of joy with a huge bright smile when her daddy walks her down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams.

For Finley I wish the world, I wish I could always keep her this little, this happy, this care free. I wish she would never grow up and I could sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to her every single night of her life.

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Im not ashamed

I like entering giveaways just as much as the next person. I enjoy reading other mama blogs and often enter giveaways that I find appealing. Mostly I enter photo contests though. I’m a little biased and of course think my kiddos are the cutest things on earth! But entering these kind of contests or being apart of websites like Top Mommy Blogs requires votes a lot of time. So I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m not ashamed to ask for votes. People may think it’s annoying or rude to ask but hey I want to win great prizes too. Especially if it’s great products for myself or children. Free is fun and awesome!
Well a couple months ago I entered California Baby’s bump contest. You submit a photo of your baby bump and the winner’s photo is to be featured on their cover of their Magazine. The winner also receives an awesome Gift basket full of CA Baby products. CA baby products are the only skin care products I use on Fin and Ez. I also use them on myself, I love the natural scents and how sensitive and pure they are.
A week ago I received an e-mail stating that my photo is one of the top 5 photos chosen to be voted on. So now here I go asking for votes. Would you please help me win this awesome prize for me and my babes? Head over to California Baby’s FB page,”Like” them if you don’t already. Then Go to their Baby bump contest album and “like” my photo. My photo is the second photo in the album. It’s the one of me in my scarf and hat in the snow with a 37wk Finley bump in there 🙂
Oh and you can give yourself another 2 entries into the Ergo giveaway, just leave two separate comments saying “CA BABY”

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Modern Bird Studios Voting and Extra entry chance!

Voting starts in the morning for the Modern Bird Studios photo contest. I entered this photo of Ezra. My reasoning was because we have so many photos of Finley up in the house and not a lot of Ez, so if we did win I would love a nice one of him.

My mom entered a photo of Finley, so feel free to vote for that one too as well.

Just go here and then you will need to Like Modern Bird Studios first, then Ezra’s photo! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. And if you do vote go ahead and leave a comment on the Ergo post for another entry stating you did so. 🙂

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