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My Lovely Belle

Isn’t she Beautiful? Finley Belle is such an amazing little girl. Not only is she the prettiest little thing I have ever seen, but she is the sweetest (when she wants to be), smartest and funniest. She has quite the personality. She is such a little goofball and loves to tease. But this little sweetie can also be a little monster and challenges me everyday. Most recently our biggest challenge is getting her to start calling me mommy/mama again. Currently she only calls me “Jennafuh” and although it sounds cute, it’s not funny anymore! I just want my little girl to call me mama not scream “NO JENNAFUH” in the grocery store when she isn’t getting her way! So don’t let those big beautiful eyes and sweet little grin fool you, shes trouble I tell ya! But I love that little trouble more than anything!

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Beautiful Morning For a Walk

I took the kids out on the trail early this morning, so that Aaron could have a quiet house to sleep him since he works swing shift. It was so gorgeous out, the birds were chirping, the sun was beaming down on the trail and the ducks at the pond were quacking away. Which Finley loved! Here are some photos of Fin running around the trail, throwing rocks in the “watey” and picking flowers!

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Birthday Weekend

My birthday was this last sat, Aaron took us down to Seattle for the weekend. We had a BLAST! We stayed at the Westin downtown, went to the Aquarium, the Tap house for dinner, shopped a little at Nordstrom and then to Pikes Place. It was such a wonderful weekend. The kids had a great time, and were exhausted by the end of our trip.

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