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I Love Zutano w/ a Giveaway!

Zutano is one of my VERY favorite children’s clothing line. I adore the bright colors and adorable prints they have to offer.
I fell in love with Zutano when I was pregnant with Finley. As I would browse our local baby boutique, I was instantly drawn in by the fabulous colors and less baby-ish look of these tiny onesies, kimono tops and leggings.  They were not your average baby clothes and I was in love with every print and every style. Finley of course came home in a Zutano kimono top, leggings and hat. And I knew that all my babies would be coming home in Zutano. Not only did I love the looks of the clothing, I loved the convenience of it. They were easy items to get on baby and I didn’t feel like I was pulling her in all different ways, she was easily accessible for diaper changes as well and the fabric was light and soft on her skin.

I also adore Zutanos Cozie line, these hats are just too darling and their gorgeous gowns are also so nice for diaper changes and sleep.

Zutano sent us an outfit for the new baby, which I fully intend her coming home in. I can’t wait to see her in it! The colors are great and how cute is this dress?

Zutano is offering one of my lucky readers a $75.00 Gift card. To enter, Head on over to Zutano’s website and then come back here and post a comment on this blog post telling me what you would purchase if you won.
For extra Entries:
1. Like Zutano on Facebook
2. Be or become a GFC follower of H is For Hillman
3. Like H is for Hillman on Facebook
For each extra entry you complete, please leave a comment saying you did so.
Giveaway ends Dec 5th midnight pst, Winner will be announced the 6th.
Good luck!
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Give Thanks

I’m thankful for God and for what he has Blessed us with:

This beautiful family I have and wonderful husband

These 2 precious, adorable, healthy and absolutely crazy children of mine:

And for the one on the way
I’m thankful for my wonderful parents, my beautiful sister and the people in my life who make me a better person, wife, mother, and friend.
Happy Thanksgiving  to you all!
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Kalos Candy Winner

And the winner chosen by is #6, Kelsey who loves the Willow. Kelsey email me at to claim your prize.

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Peeled Snacks review and Giveaway

We are always looking for new snacks for the kids, that not only taste great but that are also healthy. Peeled Snacks sent us a sampler pack of their snacks to try out. We received a pack of each of the following, pine-4-Pineapple, much-ado-about-Mango, Banan-a-peel, Apricot-a-lot, Cherry-go-round & Apple-2-the-core.
The kids dug in a soon as we received them and they loved them. I loved that I could be confident in knowing that what they were eating was good for them. Peeled Snacks says that each fruit pack is:
“Organic or 100% natural single serving snacks that you can grab-and-go! We offer eight delicious varieties, featuring large pieces of dried fruit. Our snacks are a natural source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. They have no trans fats, no hydrogenated oils, and no artificial flavors or colors. They are also cholesterol, wheat, gluten and dairy free.”
Finley’ favorite were the Cherry-go-round and Ezra loved the Apple 2 the Core! Peeled snacks are now available at Starbucks throughout the US and CAN.
Peeled Snacks is giving one of my lucky readers an Organic fruit pouch sampler.Which Includes:
4 brand new varieties Each stay-fresh, resealable pouch contains 2 to 6 servings (depending on the variety)Natural source of vitamins, minerals, iron & fiberContains 8 pouches: 1 each of Apple-2-the-core (2.8oz), Apricot-a-lot (5oz), paradise found (3oz), much-ado-about-Mango (2.8oz), Banan-a-peel (3oz), Raisin expectations (8.4oz), farmer’s market trio (4.5oz) & GoFigure (5oz)
To Enter you must be or become a GFC follower of H is For Hillman and head on over to Peeled Snacks and tell me on this blog post what fruit pouch you look forward to trying. Giveaway ends Nov 30th, winner announced Nov 31st. Good Luck! For an extra entry “Like” Peeled Snacks on FB!
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KalosCandy review and Giveaway

Having so many friends that are pregnant right now, finding a great and creative gift to give can be hard. So of course browsing etsy and pintrest has been a huge hobby of mine to find great new ideas. I came across a great etsy shop called KalosCandy. Where Lori creates awesome gift packages made from baby clothes to satisfy every pregnant mama’s ice cream and candy cravings, the healthy and cute way!

Lori sent me the adorable Riley package, filled with adorable baby girl onesies shaped like cinnomon buns! I adore them and love this idea. How creative and functional are these? Check out all of the other adorable creations she has to offer.

Kalos Candy is offering one of my readers the chance to win a Riley pack in their choice of size and gender. To enter all you need to do is go check out KalosCandy and come back here and tell me your favorite treat from the shop. Thats it! Easy Peasy.

Giveaway ends 11/21, winner announced 11/22, Good luck!
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A Visit Home

These past few weeks I have been extremely homesick. Nearing the end of my pregnancy and knowing that I most likely will not get over to see my friends and family anytime soon after this baby arrives, I decided it was time to just pack up a bag. throw the kids in the car with some snacks and books and suck it up. 9 hours, 31wks Pregnant with 2 toddlers!
To my surprise the drive was super smooth, we didn’t stop too many times, and most times were for all of us to use the bathroom. Which I needed to do just as much as Finley and Ez did. But I did bring along the potty char which was awesome, because I didn’t have to unload and load the kids back up each time, we all used the potty chair in the car and it worked out fabulous! So if you are traveling with young kiddos and don’t want to run in and out of places, putting shoes and jackets on each time and layering the public toilet seats with toilet paper. Bring your potty chair, it worked like a charm!
We have been spending lots of time with Grandma and Grandpa and having a blast running all over town in this beautiful fall weather! It feels so nice to be home. Even if it is only for a week. I feel way less stressed and since fall is my favorite time of year my heart is warm and happy. I do really miss Aaron, but I needed to come over and take a little break from the everyday, just for my sanity if anything. Photos soon to come of our impromptu adventure!

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Turtle Gus {Review}

Finley is a bit of a scaredy cat at night time and has a hard time sleeping in her own bed. We were sent a Turtle Gus nightlight from BabyZoo to review and having that cute little turtle lit up next to her in bed at night has helped her stay in her own bed quite a bit.
We love how adorable it, how small it is, but also how much light it puts off! This has been a wonderful product for Finley and has also saved Aaron and I some sleepless nights.
Specific details:- Works on 2 AA batteries, so Gus can easily be placed anywhere you like- Easy to operate: the shell functions as light switch- Timer function: continuous, 10 min, 20 min, 30 min.- Variable light intensity.- Uses LED lights and therefore does not get warm.- Huggable.- From 10 months onwards.
We love this product and you will too! Check it out at BabyZoo!
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And….I’M BACK!

PHEW….that was like, what? The longest blogging break in history? My goodness, I apologize over and over for being such a slacker. Well, I wasn’t trying to slack on purpose, it really wasn’t in my control. But I’m back and here to stay for a while, I hope! If I can even get back to where we left off. I have some great giveaways and couple great product reviews to share with you all, first I will be sharing a little update on our life, then I will try to get a giveaway or two up.
We moved about a month ago, into a really great house and are really happy here. It is much bigger than the house we were in and it will fit all soon to be 5 of us very nicely.
Finley is doing great in school and learning something new everyday. While Finley is at school Ez and I have some great time to spend just us two, and he really seems to enjoy it. Although he does miss his sissy and is super excited when we go to pick her up from school.
Ezra is now my big two year old! It’s crazy that he is two already, he is definitely displaying “Terrible Two Syndrome” and driving his mama nutty! He is also talking up a storm and learning new words each day, so that is a lot of fun.
I’m now almost 31 wks pregnant, with our little miss Brady Lynn. And I cannot believe how quickly that has gone by. Before we know it she will be here. It has been a little bittersweet knowing that this is my last pregnancy. I want to meet my new little girl so badly, but then again I don’t want to miss out on the rest of this experience by wishing it away so quickly.
Here are a few photos of our fall outings so far!

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