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Tea Collection Review

Yep, Tea Collection has done it again with another insanely cute spring line. But let’s get real, when don’t they come out with a line that doesn’t impress? Right? Tea is staple in our house. We absolutely love their clothing, the softness, the quality, the comfort and of course the amazing colors, prints and styles. Tea Collection for the win!

We were sent some adorable outfits for the kids to review from the new South African inspired line.  Josie was sent this adorable Hydrangea romper. I love Tea Collections rompers, they are so easy to put on and still have baby looking stylish and sweet without a lot of fuss.

Finley was sent Ardmore Floral Twirl Dress, Limpopo Bandana Ruffle Tunic and Fruit Punch leggings.  The fruit punch leggings go with both pieces and create two different looks but without the cost of having to buy two separate outfits. Which I totally love.

Ezra was sent Elephant Sunrise Tee, African Sunrise Plaid Shirt and a pair of the Sharp Sharp Chinos. I love this Layering look and how stylish it is, with once again no fuss. He looks super cool but not super dressed up, which is totally his style! Not to mention he is comfortable and not messing with his clothes. I find that button up shirts and khaki pants can sometimes bother him, make him itchy and prone to tugging at his clothing. Not with Tea, he still looks great and feels great.


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I feel stumped. Stumped on writing. I sit here thinking, wow I really need to get a blog post up. Like a real blog post. No review, no giveaway. Just an actual post. But I feel completely stumped on what to write about? I used to love the write as a child and teen and even an adult. I find comfort in it.

Therapy, really.

I could bang out an awesome essay for history class or a story in creative writing class in highschool. I even won an award in elementary school for a poem I wrote. Went down to the Seattle area for a big creative writing award conference and everything. (Wow, I literally just remembered that I did that.) But really I just don’t know if anyone really cares about my days around here, my endless stories of funny things my kids say, the throw up that just landed all over my chest a mere 20 minutes ago. And really do they care? I mean I think it’s funny, and gross and stressful. But do they, I mean do you? Does anyone really find the humor, relation, sympathy, joy in my daily life as mom, wife, housekeeper, waitress, chef, art teacher, teacher? I’m all of these things on a regular basis, yet I have no idea what to talk about, no recipes, no advice, really no stories, just…nothing.

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