St. Patricks Day Rainbow Craft

I wanted to find a fun and easy craft for the kids to do for St. Patrick’s day this year. I usually do a craft each season, holiday or month to hang on our art wall in the entry way. I came across a fun Hand craft on pinterest and wanted to share it with y’all. The kids had a blast and it was easy and I had most of the supplies at here at home. Our Learning Tower came in handy for this craft as well.

You will need:

Paint in rainbow colors

white drawing pad paper

Black construction paper to cut out your pots



Gold coins made from paper or shamrocks (I picked up some glittery gold shamrocks from JoAnns in the Holiday clearance section, but you can really use anything to fill your pot)

We did one color at a time for each child, and went through the rainbow. I let them place their hands wherever they wanted. That is half of the fun of messy painted hands right? squashing them on the paper! The learning tower made this craft super easy, I was standing right there while I just watched them do everything for themselves. They loved being able to do it on their own and I loved not running back and forth at the table trying to get to each kid so the mess wasn’t huge. The learning tower confined the mess and made for easy clean up.

I love how they turned out. It was a lot fun and super easy and also super-duper cute!

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