Josephine – 3 weeks

I can’t believe Josie is now 3 weeks and some days old! It is just crazy to me how fast this has flown by. I mean I knew it would go by quickly, but 3 weeks already and in just a few days a whole month old? I’m not so sure I like this getting older business. I would like my little girl to stay a baby forever…is that really too much to ask?
Josie is a super sweet baby, very snuggly and so calm. I can read her ques as if she is talking to me. Her grunts and little noises let me know whether she needs fed, a diaper change or if she is just plain tuckered out. It is funny how easily this newborn stuff has come back to me. I feel like an old pro, and I will admit I was definitely a little nervous this time around. With two older children I was afraid I wouldn’t have time for each child like I did with the first two.

Finley and Ezra are doing well, challenging me and my patience some (which is nothing new), but they have adjusted to Josephine nicely and she to them. Now If I can learn some Love and Logic and apply that to my older two I think we will be just fine and continue on with a smooth routine. Of course there are always bumps in the road and each child will prove to be difficult at times. I’m up for it. I love being a mommy to three and will miss having a newborn has the years go on. But I’m ready for this new adventure with my three beautiful babes!

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2 thoughts on “Josephine – 3 weeks

  1. She is SO cute! Love her outfit.

  2. Cutie's!

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