Birth Story: Josephine Pearl

The morning of December 30th I woke up ready to go have this baby, after being sent home from the hospital to be told I was in false labor twice, I was pretty discouraged, uncomfortable and so ready to meet my baby girl.
I showered up and as we were getting ready the hospital called to tell me they had cancelled my induction time and call back in two hours to see if they had a bed. So I did and they said they did have a bed for me and to come now, so we headed into town and when we arrived they said the room was being cleaned and to wait 15 minutes. 10 minutes later I got a call out in the waiting room saying that I had to wait until noon now because someone was coming in to be monitored and may be in labor. I was so bummed and couldn’t believe this was happening. How unlucky could I be? Aaron and I then headed to breakfast and walked around the mall for a while waiting to hear back from the hospital. We didn’t want to go home and wait since we live 30 minutes away so we tried to patiently pass the time. Around noon the charge nurse called me back and said she had a room ready and to come now. So we headed over to the hospital, waited for them to clean my room and I was finally admitted! Around 1:30 they hooked up the pitocin and the waiting game began.

 My contractions weren’t very strong for the first few hours, they were noticeable but not painful. As the nurse turned up the pitocin dose every half hour they began to get stronger and closer. Aaron and I walked around labor and delivery for a while and I bounced on the birthing ball, hoping to progress quicker. My Dr. came in and broke my water around 5:00pm and I was 2cm dilated at the time. Breaking my water really got the ball rolling. I was able to breath through my contractions and manage the pain by focusing on each breath. Around 8:00 they were getting very strong and painful so I was given Phetynol (an IV pain med) to help me relax and get some rest. I used the pain med every hour until around 10:30 when I asked for the Epidural. The Anesthesiologist started the epi around 11:19. The epi made me feel super fuzzy, itchy and warm. It was the weirdest feeling but I was able to relax a bit. I asked for the smallest dosage because I didn’t like to be completely numb. Which was a good thing, because I didn’t know things would progress so quickly from then on out. Dr. came in right after and checked my cervix which was at a 4. So I was happy to have got the epi thinking I would be there all night, and I wanted to try to get some good rest before I had to push this babe out. The nurse kept looking at the monitor saying “are you feeling a lot of pressure?” I said that I was, but there was no way I was fully dilated already. She checked me again and I was at a 5, then 3 minutes later she said “This baby is acting like she is coming out let me check again.” And she was right, this baby was coming out I was fully dilated and ready to push. She told me not to push and to close my legs while she ran to get my Dr. and the other nurses. At this time I could feel everything and was more than ready to get her out. They wheeled everything in and with 3 pushes out came Little Josephine Pearl at 12:19am on December 31st. Weighing 6lbs 11oz and 19 1/2 inches. I didn’t tear at all and everything went really smooth, so my recovery has been pretty easy so far. Josie is a super calm baby and only gets fussy while getting her diaper changed.

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3 thoughts on “Birth Story: Josephine Pearl

  1. Congratulations on your little one. She is too cute.

  2. So sweet. ❤ Way to go, Momma!

  3. Wow, what a story. She was ready to see you wasn't she? Thanks so much for sharing this Jennifer, what a great idea. She is already so lucky to have such a great mommy, daddy, sister and brother. Enjoy getting to know each other! Love aunt Kennetha

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